Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holy shit I almost forgot to post.

  • It snowed here today.
  • I'm hungover from too much whiskey last night- I'm so predictable.
  • I had lunch at Bridgeman's
  • Going to local art auction now.
  • Fuck I'm hungover.
  • Wii tennis and bowling are, in a word, awesome

Xo my little mustard muffins sprinkled with love-

yes, I know. Lamest post ever. You'll get over it.


Suze said...

Really Whiskeymarie, come and live in my city. I have wii. I kind of suck at tennis but I can definitely wii bowl. I will provide lots of alcohol. I'll pencil your moving date in for next week okay?

-R- said...

I love the Wii, but we really don't play it very much. I am too lazy to play video games. That is sad.

LittlePea said...

OMG the Wii! My friend bought one for her daughter and they created a 'character' for me. It looked just like me. The resemblance was so good it creeped me out. Loved the bowling but sucked at golf. I hate golf anyway....

Stacey said...

I have yet to have the Wii experience. I know, I know I'm so behind the times.
Ok idea for your next post- post during the whiskey consumption. Maybe at your most inebriated.
That should make for an entertaining post. And hey wouldn't it be fun to read later when you sobered up...
And when you get a second can you post some quick and yummy appetizer recipes. I've got a 35th bday to plan and I need help in the food department.

Wow, can I be anymore demanding. I know , rude huh

Stacey said...

Oops I mean I've got a 29th b'day to plan

Flenker said...

Wii bowling is amazing. As is Wii tennis. And really, it's pretty fun to make Mii's all night long. Not that that's what I'm doing tonight.

Nocturnal said...

Heh, WM in serious drydock for repairs I see. Then again, there's nothing wrong with living a little.


H said...

I am tired of the snow already. Gosh, I hate winter.

Also, ask Flenker how awesome I am at Wii tennis. You will want to join a Wii tennis league with me immediately.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm only forgiving you because of Friday's post.

Fran said...

Your so-called lamest post ever outshines most of the crap that passes for posting, say at my own sorry ass blog.

Oh, how self loathing is that???

It does sound good though, doesn't it.

Last night we celebrated my birthday (which is Monday, I tellyou in a completely narcisistic way...)I had mucho vino and topped off my meal with a lovely 15 year old Tawny port.

Still in jammies and slowly making my way through the blogs.

And Mr. He Is is out buying wii for his daughter/my stepdaughter.

Do we have to wait until Christmas???

Lollie said...

I went to my Nephew's school auction last night and there was a Wii up for grabs on one of the tables...I found myself secretly wishing for it. Strange. Oh! Have you played Guitar Hero on Playstation? That is wicked fun. It's basically Karaoke for the too embarrassed to sing set (me).

Whiskeymarie said...

Suze- Great! Do the accommodations also include meals of anything cheese related followed by candy for dessert? And, is there maid service?

r- I think the fact that made playing the wii fun for me was that we were playing it on a GIGANTIC projection screen, so it was like you were IN the game.

lil pea- Yeah, I likes the bowling more than the tennis, but I loved how ridiculous we all looked playing them both.

Other WM- I was a wii virgin up until this weekend. My ass still hurts.
And, I have posted drunkety drunk drunk on several occasions, but not lately. I'll see if I can work it in, just for you.
I'll see what I can do about recipes for your big "29th" (wink).

F- The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. There's no "mii" in wii.

Nocturnal- yes indeed, it is nice to have a life occasionally.

h- Oh my god, we could get kick-ass matching outfits for our tennis league. How does Flenker look in a tennis skirt?

Dr. Monkey- Thank you for your kind and generous forgiveness. You are truly a benevolent monkey.

Fran- Oh my dear, you are too hard on yourself. Let's remember that I regularly post about shoes, feet, ailments and bodily functions. I don't think Mr. Pulitzer will be knockin' at the WM door anytime soon.
And Happy Freaking Early Birthday!!!!!!!!
I'm glad you drank it in, proper-like.

lol- you should have put a bid in. Wii is super-fun. And no, I haven't partaken of "guitar hero" yet, but I get a funny feeling that I would find it to be wicked awesome.

Courtney said...

Wii tennis is proof that God loves us.