Friday, November 16, 2007

Brief interviews with hideously sexy broads

It was a near-perfect fall day here today, so I decided to walk everywhere I needed to go.
I had a work meeting and a lunch with my pal Leon- a perfect 5-6 mile trek on this crisp, sunny day.

Here is me at the store where all the cool kids hang out. I hear they host raves in the off-hours.

A pause to take a picture of the street named after my Grandma.

After I got home, I found a bulky letter from my girl Lollie sitting in the front porch.

That sexy little minx sent me a present!
Food flavored lip balm!!

My sister and I used to make chocolate peanut butter chip cookies all the time. Maybe I'll make some this weekend in honor of all of us broads.

At first I was confused as to how to use these things.
They smell really good, so maybe they go in my nose?

No, that was just uncomfortable and squishy feeling.

Since they smell so delicious, maybe I am supposed to eat them...


I figured it out now.

Here's me with my shiny, peanut-buttery smile and a big thumbs-up for the Betty Crocker lip balms!

Happy Friday, my chocolate-coated, peanut butter and fudge-stuffed frog's legs.



Nature Girl said...

oh boy do those look scrumptious! Very cool indeed. And wow..a 5-6 mile trek??? That's longer than most of my hikes these days! No wonder you stay so trim!

Jon said...

I honestly think you could have a long, fruitful career in lip balm modeling. Either that, or Say No To Drugs ads.

Mariposa said... are so cute! you're a hell of a lip balm model (in all the good ways!)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You realize that you're going to get us all addicted to these picture posts and then afer November when you stop posting every day, what will we do then?

gorillabuns said...

can i say, you have a great nose?

Butrfly Garden said...

I'm just a tiny bit disturbed that you stuck them up your nose and licked them BEFORE you rubbed them on your lips. But just a tiny bit. Your adorableness and ability to make me giggle (I mean, seriously, WHO GIGGLES?) totally make up for it. :D

Fran said...

Your imagination knows no bounds.

And wasn't she your greatgrandma???

What too me by surprise was that you don't eat those lipglosses. That explains a lot.

Stefanie said...

Betty Crocker lip balm?? Now I've seen everything.

Freida Bee, MD said...

You may well be my daughter's new hero when I show her this because ahe wants to be a lip model. We are always hemming and hawing over our investment. This is how she justifies her lip gloss addiction.

I might add I love the word "broad" and knitting and yarnery-esque locales.

Distributorcap said...

are you really Suzy Chapstick?

Ed said...

Raves in a knitting store? I think it's time to move to Minnesota.

T said...

Yum. Just picked up Tootsie Roll myself.

Nocturnal said...

Damn that was a nice day over there. This time of year, I would have expected it to be covered in snow.