Friday, July 13, 2007

Three pointless questions for a Friday

#1) Have you ever been fired from a job?

#2) Do you read in the bathroom?

#3) How old is your oldest pair of underwear?

O.k, I'll start:

#1) No, never. But I really should have been from at least three that I can think of. Kind of like boyfriends, I could never get employers to "break up" with me, hard as I may have tried. I once was temporarily let go when the building I worked in burnt to the ground, if that counts. And no, though it was arson, it wasn't me. Promise.

#2) No, never. Ever. I don't get it. I don't want to read in a room that is used for pooping and other sorts of unsavory behavior.

#3) I had to sift through them to try and remember. My best guess is 6 years old. Um, yeah. Not ALL of them mind you, just one or two pairs. And yes, I am throwing them away as we speak.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

1. Nope, never fired. Not yet, anyway...(knock on wood)
2. Yes, though it does seem gross, I do read in the bathroom. A lot. I do not, however, eat or drink while on the can. That is just WRONG!
3. Hmmm...I recently "cleaned out" my underwear drawer and refreshed it with new pairs. My goal is to only have VS underwear one day. Still, I bet I have a pair or two that is about 4-5 years old.

Christa said...

oh! i'll play.

1. no. but i was getting dangerously close right before i quit from a nonprofit organization because i was for-profit disorganization. they'd have let me stay on for, at best guess, another three months.

2. yes. i have a very special copy of endless love in my bf's bathroom that i read for those very special moments. at first i was skimming and reading random parts. now ive started at the beginning and i'm not even through chapter one via number two.
at my own house i skim the new yorker.

3. i haven't worn underwear on a daily basis since i was ... 23ish.

thethinker said...

Haha, six years.

I think I was still wearing Disney Princess underwear six years ago. Kind of pathetic, but yeah..

Brillig said...

1. Yup. They wouldn't give me a day off that I'd requested, so I just didn't show up that day... or ever go back. I assume they fired me. We never had that particular discussion, but they mailed me my final paycheck.

2. This is weird... but I keep my scriptures in the bathroom so that whenever I'm in there for, um, an extended period of time I can have some quality scripture time. Sad that that's how I treat sacred writings...

3. Ten. freaking. years. Wow. I'm going to go purge my unders drawer right now. Yikes.

Thinker--HAHAHA. Wow. Way to make us all feel ancient!

Sandy said...

1. Definitely fired. Terrible feeling even though the job was terrible and demoralizing.

2. I work best on the can. I often bring my laptop in there with me so I don't have to lose those precious productivity moments. When do you think I catch up on your blog?

3. I don't wear draws anymore, except for work sometimes. The oldest that I still have is probably 2 years. None of them are interesting. Wait. One of them says "love means never having to say you're sorry"

::resubmitted for clarity::

ps said...

1. nope
2. yes, but only magazines
3. i regular clean out my underwear drawer, but there are probably unworn bras that i've had for 5 years.

Stacy said...

1) OH HELLS YEAH! Like four or five times starting with my first job when I was 16 @ Kmapart. Me = terrrrrible employee. My first grade teachers said it best, "She has sooo much potential, but refuses to follow the rules of the classroom . . . "

2) Nope. Not in there long enough to do any quality reading (and I read fast).

3) After my marathon of four months of bleeding courtesy of my IUD, I threw out every pair of undies I owned and refreshed. God, I am sooooo Target's bitch.

Lollie said...

1) After 13 years in the ballet company and two knee surgeries, I was offered a "downgraded contract." I told them, politely, to shove it up their ass and retired. That's as close as I got to getting "The Toe."
2) There is a copy of Krakatoa behind me - I've been slogging through it for about two years now, reading roughly two paragraphs per visit (I'm on the toilet right now. If I were upstairs, I'd be reading The Ultimates graphic novels (courtesy of My Guy - thanks for getting me hooked, Honey!)
3) I switched to thongs about 7 years ago after discovering Cosabella underwear (courtesy of Verna - thanks for getting me hooked, Honey!) My stash got refreshed last Christmas and I have recently ventured out to Hanky Panky thongs. Very nice. Shall be repeated.

Rebecca said...

1 - no, not yet.
2- yes. especially in the bath! A bubbly bath, a glass of chardonnay and a good book - my favourite kind of night.
3 - prolly about 5 years old.

feisty said...

1. no, bosses tend to almost cry when i say i'm leaving...
2. no, not a fan of reading in there
3. this question, like DDG, helped me clean out my drawers. ALMOST 10 years! i remember buying an ugly pink/black pair senior year of college, and they were still around. now they are tossed. so, thank you.

Nocturnal said...

1. Yes, a setup of sorts to begin with; I left with a smile on my face.
2. Always, junk mail.
3. At least 5 years albeit I rarely wear them.

T said...

Yes, my first job ever, age 15, at a Dairy Queen. I was too boy-crazy and the owner got mad because I was spending more time "entertaining" than making Blizzards.


Like two days. Come on, you know about my undies obsession.

Amaya said...

1) Never fired thank god but as you know from my blog - I'm a skimmer. I do JUST enough to not get fired.
2) I try to avoid reading in the bathroom at all costs. I'm somewhat of a germaphobe and the thought of touching something, then wiping, then touching it again is repulsive to me.
3) I have a pair of underwear from my wedding night. Haven't worn them since. Is that weird?

Whiskeymarie said...

As long as you've washed them since, the answer is no.