Friday, July 27, 2007

"You shouldn't be on the line any longer than needed - help is on the way"

After 47 minutes and 13 seconds on the phone (99% of that time spent on hold, listening to hold music and things like "stay on the line and experience our commitment to excellence") with Wells Fargo today, this man is my new hero. Try and watch to the end- it's worth every second.

Unlike my phone call today.


Sandy said...

I'd like to point you to this site:
It allows you to bypass automated prompts and be connected to a human.

I'm sure this would've been more useful to you earlier, but for next time.

Nocturnal said...

Don't get me started... grrr. WF has been calling me every fucking day hammering me on refinancing, mortages, etc.

Tonight they called (with a few pints in me) and my immediate response was:

"Is there anything you can tell me better than getting my lights fucked out by my girlfriend in a few minutes?"


Sassmaster said...

Have you heard about the cell phone customers that get dropped because they call customer service too often:

One woman I read about was calling every month about incorrect charges on her bill and got dropped. They oughta be in jail!

Lollie said...

Here, again, is why I love My Guy. After a frustrating 10 (yeah, you read that right) 10 hours over a one week span with Sprint's "customer service" he finally got them to sort his bill out, only to receive yet another incorrect over-charge on his next statement. He called them the next day and said to the customer service agent, "Good morning Amy. Amy, can you guess where I am right now? I am getting in my car with the intent of going to an AT&T service store. I'm going to get there shortly. You have roughly seven minutes to convince me why I should stay with Sprint. And...GO!"

Whiskeymarie said...

I should also mention that I spent much, much time this week with Sprint's fucked-up version of "customer service" as well. ALL I wanted to know was how to make an international call to India, because it doesn't seem to be working the way I'm trying. I couldn't get through to an actual person, though I tried numerous times, so I went to the sprint store. The guy there said, "I don't know how to do that, sorry."

When I told him that I have never had an even remotely positive experience with Sprint's customer service, his response was:
"I think you'll find they're all pretty bad. Not just Sprint."

Nice answer, dude.

Kate said...

Holy shit. I would have freaked, mostly because I used to work for Wells, and I know firsthand that their "commitment to excellence is just a bunch or corporate" mumbo jumbo.

What they ought to say is "stay on the line and wait for us to try to sell you every banking product you do not need and might actually harm your financial health even if you're just calling for a copy of a cancelled check".

Rebecca said...

I KNOW - I always smash phones, break my toes against the wall and throw things...when I have to deal with these fucking telephone queues!

Whiskeymarie said...

Oh, and Sassmaster-
I read the article. All it makes me want to do is inundate Sprint with complaints so they drop me and I can go elsewhere. I think I'm locked in for another year.

Seriously, I would.

Well, IF it didn't mean I'd have to spend more time waiting on the phone, I'd totally try.

Oh, and I finally got through to a rep today, and guess where they were located...

And it STILL took them 25 minutes (after holding for 25 already)for them to figure out how I could call...


Whiskeymarie said...

Oh, and-
Sandy my man, next time I'm trying it your way.
Thanks for the link.