Thursday, January 17, 2008

A brief pause for narcissism and shameless product endorsements.

If you read Vanity Fair (admit it if you do- it feels good to let it out), you know that, like most magazines, they have a few recurring bits every month. They have the Proust Questionnaire, Dominic Dunne's monthly dish and my personal favorite: "My Stuff".

"My Stuff" is basically where they do a brief little "interview" with a celebrity/socialite/heir/heiress/art world darling/internationally famous fashion designer/media mogul/business baron/trophy wife where they tell everyone what sort of "stuff" they use.

I read this religiously, a self-imposed torture of sorts.

I mean, c'mon- what a surprise! You mean you only use $2500/set bed sheets? Me too!
You wear a diamond-studded Cartier watch? Ditto!
Of course I only brush my teeth with that one toothpaste with the ground-up wood sprite bones in it- duh.

I thought I would take the list presented to this months interviewee, Katie Lee Joel*, and I would supply my own answers and see how they measure up. (Katie's answers are in parenthesis).


Jeans: (j jeans) Vigoss- they hug my ample booty lovingly and cheaply.

Underwear: (Gapbody) Whatever is less than $5 at Target, T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. I do like Barely There boy shorts a lot. They are very stretchy. (In fact once, I managed to stretch them over my head while I was still wearing them.)

Sneakers: (Stella McCartney for Adidas) Converse slip ons in black.

Watch: (Mens rose-gold Rolex) 10-year Old Men's Fossil Stainless Steel

T-shirt: (Yigal Azrouel experimental tee) This one:

Day bag: (Zac Posen's Devon bag) Right now? 12-year old Carlos Falchi multicolored suede bag that I paid almost nothing for:

Evening bag: (Lanvin) Mostly thrift store vintage (and a few new) mostly 70's & 80's clutches:

Favorite accessory: (Me & Ro gold hoop earrings) My wedding rings (yes, I know that's a gross answer, but really, they go with everything, dahling.)

Favorite Designer: (Yigal Azrouel) One I can't afford: Chloe' One I can: Le Tarjay


Where do you live: (New York) St. Paul

Sheets: (Leontine linens) Olive green flannel from either Target or Marshalls, I think.

Coffee maker: (Capresso) Oster- we got it as a wedding gift 11+ years ago and the damn thing just keeps on working.

Pets: (two Pugs) Pooter

Favorite flower: (Hydrangeas) Stargazer lilies

Favorite gadget: (Minicuisinart) MaxiCuisinart

Favorite neighborhood restaurant: (Sant Ambroeus and BLT Burger) The Happy Gnome (kind of in my neighborhood, sort of) and Supatra's Thai Cuisine.

Favorite cocktail: (The Belle du Jour at the Waverly Inn, only by special request) Choose just one? Ha! Heindricks martini with a slice of cucumber, Maker's Mark Manhattans, A lovely glass of Sancerre or Barbera, or a tall, frosty mug of Franzia Chillable Red.

Favorite dessert: (Banana split made with Graeter's ice cream) Creme brulee' or anything custard-y. Also: dark chocolate.

Favorite snack: (Guacamole and tortilla chips) Ditto. Also: Top the Tater with Ruffles potato chips, and hummus and pretzels.

Favorite ingredient: (butter) Ditto. Also: bacon.

Beauty Products:

Lipstick: (Whatever is at the bottom of my purse) None lately. Just Terra Tints lip balm in "Blaze" and/or Aveda lip shine in "night Iris"

Mascara: (Maybelline define-a-lash) Cover Girl Lash Exact- best mascara ever.

Shampoo: (Kerastase) Aveda Shampure or Smooth Infusion

Moisturizer: (Nutrogena healthy Defense sPF 30) St. Ives Collagen & Elastin, Aveda hydrating lotion

Hair Product: (L'Oreal Elnett hairspray) Aveda Witch Hazel, Firmata or Air control (see a theme here?)

Perfume: (Don't wear any) Aveda Men, Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude by Tom Ford

Toothpaste: (Crest) Whatever is in the medicine cabinet.

Soap: (Dove) Aveda rosemary-mint or Aveda Lavender body wash.

Nail polish color: (Chanel Vamp) Usually none. On my toes: Anna Sui Cherry red Polish

Who cuts your hair: (Marc Mena at Warren-Tricomi) Usually? Me. Sometimes I go to this salon.

Who does your brows: (Julie Tussey at Warren-Tricomi) Again, Me.


Favorite discovery: (Dufour frozen puff pastry dough. It's so delicious, I love it for chicken pot pie.) Top the Tater, Whore baths, Sweater coats and Emmi Pink Grapefruit Yogurt- dear sweet jeebus this stuff is amazing.

Who inspires you: (My grandmother, when it comes to cooking) Ditto. Also: My Mother, my husband, and Dolly Parton.

Necessary Extravagance: (Expensive Champagne) Amen, sister! Also: Expensive cheese, nice boots, Aveda candles and high-quality heavy cream for cooking.

Favorite place in the world: (Kruger National Park, South Africa) The shore of Lake Superior:

Favorite Billy Joel song: ("All my life" He wrote this song for me as a surprise for our anniversary. he's such a romantic) Um...This one?

The end.

*Katie Lee Joel was married to "Uptown Girl" crooner/car smasher-upper Billy Joel in 2004 when she was 26 and he was 55. This picture sums the union up pretty nicely, I think. They're still married as far as I know.


Chiada said...

What is it with him and models? In my opinion, she kind of resembles Christy Brinkley only with brunette hair instead of blonde. Same eyebrows (maybe the same person does them for them?), apple cheeks, wide face. Also, marrying someone who is old enough to be your father? Icky!

T said...

Mmmmm. Let's snack together. Please?

minijonb said...

mmm... dark chocolate...

Kate said...

I agree with Chiada - she looks like Brinkley.

You know, with the exception of clothes and accessories, she has some pretty normal taste. Huh.

Sugar Kane said...

Awesome t-shirt! You know I love me some Billy. And no, I'm ashamed.

Katrin said...

Do you have a promotion contract with aveda?

gorillabuns said...

i am a major fan of the whore's bath myself. what would college have been without it? or well, these days as well.

and katie? i'm sure she's as stiff in real life as she was on Top Chef. Dude, i. so. hated. her. on. that. show.

Lollie said...

I'm doing this tonight - if I can get it in a pile...

Gwen said...

With all that Aveda I am certain you smell de-lovely! I wish your blog had smell-o-vision.

CDP said...

Nice! I had to follow the link on the whore bath, as I had no idea what it was. I once saw Top the Tater referred to in print as "Minnesota Crack". It being sour-cream based, I'm sure I'd love it.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

I know longer need to assume. Now I KNOW we could become fast friends... you know, real ones. Non-bloggy ones.

It's cool hearing about real things and seeing real pictures.

Stacey said...

Uhh...shouldn't you get paid by some of these companies ? I mean you just totally pimped their products



At a minimum you should at least get a years supply of undies from tar-zhay

Mariposa said...

I'm tempted to do this...hope I find the time and energy. You look great in those sunglasses!

Nature Girl said...

I'm going to make it my goal this weekend to work the words "whore bath" into a conversation with my husband. I LOVE to see his jaw drop when I say something so out of character and slightly off, it's hilarious! Love your list..Oprah does a favorite things list once a year, I thought about doing one, but I got did good!~

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I feel so close to you now. Uncomfortably close. Perhaps I should go now.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Who am I kidding? I can't stay away from you. Let's never fight again, okay?

Anonymous said...

Billy Joel has great taste in women. Who gives a damn what your petty, parochial opinions are? Get a life - or at least get some therapy.

domboy said...

Wow, "whore bath" is my new favorite phrase. Is there really a perfume called "Teen Dew"? I guess it's true - there's no such thing as an ugly rich man.

dguzman said...

Fascinating peek into your life, WM! Butter is the cooking secret of the gods.

LM said...

Hi WhiskeyMarie. I'm LM. I'm a friend of Gwen's. I've never been much of a blog reader unless it's someone I know, with a few rare exceptions. When Gwen told me about you, she told me I had to check you out because you are "TOTALLY like us" and implied that if we all lived in the same town we'd be BFFs. Well, I now know what she's talking about. And I have to tell you, I have you beat on the cheap coffee maker. A friend gave me one when I was 18 and headed to college. It was one of those $12 Proctor Silex cheapies from Target. Totally bare bones. It finally died about 8 months ago. I'm 38 now.

LM said...

By the way WhiskeyMarie, not to imply that your perfectly fine Oster is cheap by any means, but moreso that mine was a cheapy and lasted 20 years. R.I.P. We had some good times.

kimmothy said...

Your eyebrows are freaking awesome. I just had an unfortunate brow incident and have no one to blame but myself, so I'll suffer from brow envy for the next month or so.

Nocturnal said...

IC the anon post, sheesh.

Stefanie said...

I have a friend who stands by Terra Tints, too. I much prefer this Neutrogena one. Have you tried that stuff yet?