Sunday, December 9, 2007

Smooshy, rice goodness and cupcakes

Friday night the Mr. got his favorite meal for dinner, in honor of it having been his 45th birthday on Thursday.
Really though, he doesn't look a day over 35- well, 38 tops.

Smoked salmon risotto.
I limit this dish to only once or twice a year due to its "heart episode" inducing qualities.
But damn, it sure is tasty.
He also got a lovely tomato & avocado salad, homemade wheat bread and the most adorable little cheesecake cupcakes with fresh raspberries and whipped cream, which I forgot to take a picture of and you will just have to imagine the cuteness. But they were really cute. And tasty.

Whew. My jeans started to cry a little as I typed that. "You aren't going to try and cram THAT ass in us, are you????", they screamed. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suck it, jeans.
You'll stretch as much as I need you to, dammit. I'm in charge here.

What is the secret to delicious smoked salmon risotto, you may ask?
*You will see here that I am incapable of winking in an even remotely normal manner. I look like I have an unfortunate tic and am hopped up on red bull and crack.

Eat anything good this weekend, my little muffintops?


Lisa said...

Oooh, yummy! Can I have the recipe please? I'll even trade you for a fresh tomato and basil risotto recipe if you'll share. :)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"Mommy, what's wrong with the crazy blog lady?"

"Stop staring Jimmy! God made her that way, now you be nice!"

Sean said...

Cooked a pork loin in my stovetop smoker and had roasted brussel sporuts on the side. Tasty. Would love to try the risotto as well. Have fun

Christa said...

thanks for asking. around 3 a.m. this morning i made what i called "gourmet grilled cheese" using half a loaf of three cheese french bread from amazing grace and a half pound of gouda.

i'm pretty sure it was super good, but hard to say because i have amnesia.

Flenker said...

Oh, you know what goes really well with Jameson? More Jameson.

As for food, last night my dinner was a handful of beers and some Boar's Head Monterrey Jack. That was pretty good. Then lunch today was a Tex-Mex place. And tres leches cake, that was about as big as my face. Of course, I took it down like the champion I am.

rcubed said...

I discovered blogs about a week ago and have been doing nothing except reading them since then (I work for the government). I wanted to let you know, these are my favorite lines of any so far:
"Whew. My jeans started to cry a little as I typed that. "You aren't going to try and cram THAT ass in us, are you????", they screamed. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suck it, jeans.
You'll stretch as much as I need you to, dammit. I'm in charge here."

Sugar Kane said...

Feel free to invite me over for dinner anytime! My weekend eats were comprised of chinese and pizza.

Whiskeymarie said...

Lisa- I will post it tomorrow or Tues, I promise...

Dr. Monkey- Donations can be sent to: Crazy blog lady fund c/o Whiskeymarie party fund
1000 Partypants Place
St. Paul, MN

sean- my culinary partner in crime- roasted brussels sprouts make me so very happy. Delicious.

C- Was there any beer involved in this adventure? I hope so. I love beer.

F- Did you know that tres leches cake will make me so happy that I may offer to bear children for the chance to have a bite????
Although a bit of Jameson may very well have the same effect...

Rebecca- Welcome to the abyss.
Stay! Have a cocktail and a nibbly thing or two...

Sugar- I also had Thai take-out and I am about to go and help the Mr. devour a sausage, jalapeƱo and pineapple pizza. Come over anytime, hon.

H said...

You had me at Jameson.

Flenker said...

Well I'll have you know that I made a delicious tres leches cake that was crotch-grabbingly good back in September for a friend. He had never heard of that sort of cake, and thought I was just being pretentious by speaking Spanish. He may or may not have been H's boyfriend.

What if I made you a tres leches cake with some sort of Jameson syrup? Would that be too awesome?

Nature Girl said...

That sounds absolutely FANTABULOUS!

Happy Birthday to the Mr!

Mariposa said...

Gosh, I'm hungry now...and will look forward to the recipe too! :D

nancypearlwannabe said...

Nothing that looks as fantastical as all that!

BadWims said...

the apartment was colder than a Scotsman's wallet on Sat. so I made a potroast with creamy smashed potatoes. It took the chill out of the air and warmed my belly.

Stacey said...

I did have leftovers from our holiday luncheon which included a grilled apple and brie sandwich (althought I took the apple out) with the most delightful butternut squash soup. I'm not really a fan of squash but I tell you this soup was TO die for!

Uh yeah are there any leftovers that you can freeze and send to me for my b'day dinner on Weds...cuz I'm damn sure not cooking...

diatribes and dish said...

Mmmmm, smoked salmon risotto.

I made wild mushroom risotto this weekend. So good.

dguzman said...

mmmm, yes. The Kat made some fresh green beans with some sort of lemon-butter sauce, with roasted almonds in it. I think the recipe was from Moosewood. Soooo good.

EmBee said...

I KNEW I saw a little Britney Spears in that expression!

Shared a can of 'Spaghetti O's' for lunch on Saturday... Help!

Landis said...

ok, come cook for us!

tim loves to cook. and i'd love to see you two cook on red bull and crack! that sounds fun!

Amaya said...

A sign on my way to work: "Wouldn't it be fun to be called a Jamisonian Washingtonian." Just thought I'd share that tidbit.
My favorite meal from this weekend wasn't prepared so much as purchased, but it was still amazing. Brie, crackers, pears, apples and satsumas, and an assortment of Greek olives. Oh, and a bottle of wine. :)