Sunday, December 2, 2007

Go out and buy stuff. Tell 'em I sent you.

Busy weekend.

Friday, I met my gals waffle and Blondie for a little xmas shopping at the No Coast Craft-o-Rama.
This is a fabulous chance to buy amazing handcrafted stuff from local & local-ish vendors. If you live in the Mpls/St.Paul area- or MN in general- you need to go here next year. There was clothing, jewelery, house stuff, bath & body, stellar print work, tons of cute kids stuff, etc...
I was supposed to be buying gifts for other people, but quickly realized that most of my gift tags this year will read:
To: Whiskeymarie
From: Whiskeymarie
(Hope you like it!!!)

I bought a gorgeous print of the old Schmidt Brewery (go St. Paul!) (Go beer!) from this guy. I already have it up in my living room and I must say it is perfectly perfect. Love it.

Being the sucker for great screen printing that I am, I also bought an owl print from this guy. I seem to have a strange owl fetish lately.
I don't get it either, but I can't wait to get this up on a wall.

I treated myself to a pair of pretty pineapple-quartz and some sort of olive green stone earrings from here. (I don't have a pic yet- sorry. It's been a long weekend- cut me some slack, will 'ya? Geez...)

Also, a cool Rosemary-mint lotion-stick thingy from these women in Ely that make piney/sprucey/Northwoodsey smelling bath products that are all natural & smell divine. They don't have a website, but this place sells their soap. They're called the Sweet Fern Soap Company.

Lots of these vendors (from what I could tell) also sell on Etsy. Etsy is fucking amazing. All of this great handmade stuff, you buy directly from the vendor, you're supporting a great concept and encouraging people to create great products that (one can hope) are made with an extra helping of love.

I have had nothing but good dealings with Etsy.
Go there. Buy stuff. Restore balance in the world.

I don't know if I can go yet or not (Blondie, you with me?) to this, but I'm sure going to try.

Allegedly there are going to be $2 bloody marys. (Stacy? You with me too?)

Also, on Friday after the Craft sale (I love saying that. It sounds like I was buying crap like this), I got retardedly drunk with my BFF of 25+ years, Waffle. We went out with intentions of having one or two and then walking/stumbling the 2 blocks back to my pad. For whatever reason, we were muy popular at El Bar, and ended up consuming our weights in alcoholic beverages.

It was a ton of fun, but my stomach and head hated me the next day, and I had an Extension class to teach that morning. ARGH! Hosting a cookie exchange is really not fun with a pounding head and the urge to hurl every 3.5 minutes all over the pretty cookies.
And yes, if anyone is keeping score, I have had 2 hangovers in 2 weeks. Gross.
Someone call AA and ask them what time appetizers are. I'll see if I can make it.

Today I had intentions of actually reading a book, an idea which (lately) seems to be as likely as me getting on, making it through the elimination rounds, and finally emerging victorious on American Idol.
Too bad that shoveling (yes, we have a bit of snow in these here parts right now), running errands, sleeping way too late, cooking and reading the paper pretty much canceled that out.

Every day my brain dies a little more. Give me a few months and you'll have to put my bib on for me, feed me, and change my diapers.
Good luck with that.

Hope y'all had a good weekend, my little fluffy, white balls of coconut-coated rabbit poos.


H said...

I wish I had known about this before it happened! Thanks for cluing me in. =P I do love the Midtown Global Market.

Whiskeymarie said...

h- go to the one next weekend in Uptown! Sorry- I actually knew I was going this time (ahead of time), I just forgot to say something about it.
Again- oops. Sorry.

dcup- Soooooo not your Mother's craft fair. There was this one table where they were selling little embroidered beanbags that said things like "douchebag", "twatmonkey" (!) and "cockhole". Priceless:

-R- said...

I wanted to go but didn't want to deal with the snow on Saturday (and couldn't go on Saturday because I went to Nye's instead). Maybe I will be able to make the handmaiden event instead.

Nocturnal said...

Now that sounds right up your alley little lady.


McGone said...

Yes. But what did you get me?

Mommy Lisa said...

Etsy rules. I have two skirts a shirt and a a skirt for Boo Boo La La there. I want to get some matching crochet beanies for the that just mean and wrong?

CDP said...

I love Etsy, except there's just SO MUCH to look at. Even when you narrow your search, you end up with hundreds of things to look at.

LittlePea said...

Damn I love to shop. Thanks for the Etsy link, I had never heard of it before.

T said...

As to the boozing, s'gotta be done once in a while.

Fran said...

A woman at my office quit to go work at Etsy but just came back. Not sure why, but it IS very cool, is it not?!

This is the second Etsy reference I have seen today. What was that about the four Etsy of the Apocalypse or something like that?

The other reference was here at the blog of Kimono Hime.

If you like Asian silks - and who does not - and the lovely things that can be made from them, then visit Kimono!


dguzman said...

So that's where my last two shoulda-been hangovers went--to you! Thanks, WM. I really wasn't in the mood to pay for my drunky fun.

Anonymous said...

That one printmakers distressed looking prints look awesome. I'm constantly on the look out for cool stuff like that.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sounds like you had bitchin' time. Next time give me a shout will ya?

Lollie said...

Oh, can I just tell you how happy I am to have your address? I have a piece of potential dust catching crap in the shape of an owl that you might just love - I don't know what to do with it (it was a freebie with a jewelry purchase in Spain). When you get it, put it under your tree and don't open until X-mas. This way you'll have a present from someone other than yourself.

Stacey said...

Ahh..this Etsy thing...must try. My sister raves about it.

Oh and when you go to the next craft show...please remember my 29th birthday is in 9 days.



Other WM

Suze said...

WM: I'll come visit you at the nursing home. I'll even buy some bibs from Etsy and put them on you when I visit. That's the kind of friend I am.

Butrfly Garden said...

I love stuff like that. Not enough to drive down there, but quite enough to talk about it!

I was just thinking today how much I tend to buy MYSELF around Christmas.

L Sass said...

I have been shopping mostly for L Sass this holiday season, too. I blame my parents for jetting off to Africa instead of having traditional Swedish Christmas Eve like every other year!

Stefanie said...

I had the same problem at No Coast--found lots of stuff I wanted for ME but not much for gifts. I did buy soap from that same Ely lady, though, and an Adam Turman calendar is on my Christmas list.

Your link to the more "traditional" craft sale stuff reminds me... did you see the guy at No Coast selling the little wood-carved Santa stuff? I saw his table and just started singing that old Sesame Street song to myself: "One of these things is not like the other..."

feisty said...

thanks for the heads up on Etsy. yes!!!!

"owl fetish"- you are going to get the weirdest new readers by typing that one...

Sugar Kane said...

nothing beats a Christmas gift to yourself. It's always the exact thing I was hoping for.