Saturday, December 29, 2007

No need to dig out the rifle and hide in the basement.

I was making a few changes- you know, cleaning house- and I took the ol' blog private for a few hours.
Some of you were very concerned. No need to panic.

I'm back with new colors and a bit more streamlined.

Keep repeating: "Change is bad except this time where it might actually be good unless you don't like it then I'm sorry but that's how it's going to be for now and we'll see if I stick with it and aren't monkeys awesome? Change is bad except when..."

And, exhale.


Butrfly Garden said...


I finally had a day to plunk myself down in front of mystery machine and tried to catch up on your posts....I was horrified. But I read the warning and remembered it then.

Good Work.

Lollie said...

I almost had a heart attack - but once the shock subsided, I decided that the new template may stay. Amen.

McGone said...

I exhaled... now should I unclench?

Nocturnal said...

Stylin' WM, your blog looks great.


Fran said...

Loving the new look.

Now where are the 7 lies? Does Mabel have something to do with this? Cheeky bitch.

Christa said...

as much as i liked the orange, i'm a sucker for pajama and liquor banners. nice look, wm.

Suze said...

Two thumbs up for the changes and the new header picture. Fabulous!

CDP said...

It's beautiful, much like yourself. I missed the panic, thank God...I might have had a heart attack. Happy New Year!

Distributorcap said...

change is good
except when i bring to the Penny Arcade machine at the Commerce Bank and it always jams and somehow i think the bank is ripping me off to pay for the subprime mortgages that have defaulted.

have a happy new year