Monday, December 31, 2007

Tonight, if someone dares you to do something that seems marginally stupid- say yes. For me.

I know what you're thinking- "That Whiskeymarie, she's such a party girl! And it's New Year's Eve! I suppose that by midnight she'll be dancing to ELO in inappropriate clothing wearing a lampshade on her head and repeatedly yelping, 'look at what an awesome dancer I am!' whilst kissing strangers."

Well, you're kind of right.

It is new Year's Eve, I'll give you that much.

But other than that, you are going to be very, very disappointed.

Our New Year's is going to consist of what it does most years (not all- a few years ago we tore it up pretty good with my sister-in-law Maurey, Mr. Maurey and several other folks. The next day hurt. Bad.):
Me, the Mr, some champagne, fondue and staying home just doing whatever.

Scrabble may or may not be involved.

And maybe, later on, we'll put on a Mac Davis album and get our freak on.

We sure are rock stars like that.

Happy New year, my bubbly, fizzy glasses of sparkling ham-flavored wine.
Try to not lose your pants tonight.



Gwen said...

How did you know I am ham flavored?

I hereby dedicate all of tonight's inappropriate behavior to you. Whee!

Suze said...

Happy New Year to you! I'm not wearing any pants this year to avoid the loss....AGAIN!

Amaya said...

A low-key night for me as well. Work on NYD does that to a (responsible) person and that's what I'm trying to be. Being responsible sucks.
Here's to some Mac Davis to ring in the new year.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Cheers to you, WM. Champagne and Scrabble sounds divine!

Freida Bee, MD said...

Have a good one and lose your pants all you want WM, but I am having some cognitive dissonance trying to imagine gettin my freak on to that macDavis video (now, ELO I can see and yeah, Miss Piggy's hot and all.) I could see Easy Reader from Electric Company though.

Jon said...

Happy New Year, WM!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy new year to you my pretty little slice of Minnesota goodness. We celebrate the new year pretty much the same way here at monkey central.

Gretta said...

Happy New Year girl! I'm having a similar evening, but now totally craving fondue...crap!

I hope you ring it in with some cheetah jammies;)

Nocturnal said...

Something tells me WM will liven up the party if provoked. Happy New Year to you and yours, all the best in 2008.


Peteski said...

Last time I went out drinking on NYE I came home on March 23rd.

So If I dont seeya - Happy St. Patricks Day Bib!

metalia said...

Happy New Year to you, pretty lady. (PS: I bought that Alba Terra lip gloss you told me about approximately 7,984 years ago. LOVE.)

Landis said...

baby, timmer and grr and avec and i will be raising a homey glass of champers to you and yours. . .we too are of the low-key this year. . . and kind of lovin it.

MommasWorld said...

Whiskey Marie loved your post! I staid home this New Years Eve and have for the ...well, I have children so I have been home on New Years for years. It is always a party here and we take it on foot usually after midnight. The last New Years we were not home we visited my sister for the Millennium and hoped all traffic lights, banks, computers, microwaves and alarm clocks would still work on our return trip. That was back when everyone thought everything was going to crash due to adding the 2000 instead of the tried and true 19_ _. We were in the Virginia News Papers and a picture of all of us hangs somewhere in one of the prominent state government buildings. It was fully a family gathering so it was full of Mommy issues and nothing like dancing on tables. Ah the days of yesteryear.

This year we were a bit shameless, not bar hopping but house hopping with our First Night baskets of goodies. We even Sang!

Failcooks said...

I had a chance to hang out with an entirely new, strange and cute boy (a cook boy), get some kind of narcotics concoction that sounded hella exotic and expensive, and crash a party.

I didn't even have the decency to decline in any genteel way. I just walzed out of the restaurant, no goodbyes. Fuck. My grilled cheese, chocolate and tequila was waiting for me at home. And, the warm booty of my mister, when I'm ready to crawl in. . .

Old? Maybe. Happy? I think so.

Happy New Year, Whiskey! XXX OOO


Distributorcap said...

and a very very very happy new year to someone who has made me laugh, made me cry -- well made me a movie!

stay warm in Minnesota! and the best for 08

Butrfly Garden said...

Our night went something like that. But we added Chili's to our mix. (Don't laugh, when "going out" is Arby's, Chili's is like...going ALL out.) And made fun of Mariah Carey over champange and went to bed. It was fun. (Because Grandma always takes the kids!)

Lollie said...

I think this just means that you have exrta "misbehavin" money in the bank for next year.

Stefanie said...

I SHOULD have stayed in and played Scrabble. I probably wouldn't have spent all of today on the couch if I had. Sigh. Will I never learn? No, apparently I will not.

In any case, happy new year!

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