Sunday, August 19, 2007

Superbad? Hell no. Super AWESOME. (A quick review)

I never thought it would make me so gloriously happy to hear someone say the words "penis" and "vagina", but when Michael Cera says them it is so very adorable.

I need to see this movie again (no, not the one at the left. This one.) because I was laughing so hard I missed about 50% of what was going on.

Sweet George Michael, I never knew you cold be so filthy.

I like it. A lot. Talk dirty to me baby.

Go see this movie.


But don't go in with a full bladder, like I did. We nearly had a "situation" on our hands, if you know what I mean. I really should have worn that diaper.

In conclusion: Superbad is superhilarious. Especially if you like cartoon drawings of penises.

Which, it turns out, I do. Quite a lot.

*Oh, and as a side note to "Skippy", our overzealous server at the crappy mall/chain/pretending-to-be-upscale restaurant that we went to after the movie- It's generally best to let your customers get fully seated (meaning both cheeks firmly planted) before verbally assaulting them for a drink order. And, if they take a while to order because they are actually having a conversation, it's best to not make fun of said order (he said something like: "you took that long to order an appetizer?"). And I'm sure that you just think you were being attentive, but checking back on our table every 4.5 seconds was getting a teensy bit annoying.
You were pissing me off Skippy, and I wanted to bunch you in your boyishly impish face.

I think you need to double-up on the meds, Skippy. Your ADD is showing a bit.


Katrin said...

I have to check out when that movie hits our cinemas, it'll probably be sometime in fall... I hate annoying waiters.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I can not wait to see this movie. Young George Michael and Maybe made Arrested Development worth watching.

Bonanza JellyBean said...

I will be seeing this movie sometime after work this week. I can't wait!

-R- said...

I saw Superbad too. I am really not that into cartoon penises, but I do love Michael Cera. I think my favorite part was when he was singing to the room full of cokeheads.

Fran said...

The whole cartoon penis business was so much funnier than I could have ever imagined. All of you who might leave as the credits begin, stay seated please!

I thought that the whole cast was perfect. Today my husband, his sister and I were at the race track and a kid who was serving us bad track food looked just like Fogell. We all said MacLovin at the same moment and fell apart. The poor kid just looked horrified and he had no idea why we were laughing.

It is just the combination of disgusting and adorable matched up with hilarious.


Glad you enjoyed, although with a flull bladder. I give you mad credit sister. The situation would have happened for me, but then I am almost 50. (Yes it was 2 50 year olds and a 60 year old saying MacLovin! to a 16 year old. We're so mature.

Nocturnal said...

Hmmm, I'll have to chew on that. Modern movies have proven to disgust me for a while now.


Jon said...

I was going to check the movie out this week. Glad to hear it's worth it.

Butrfly Garden said...

Maybe The Man and I will hit this up on one of our "Child-Free" weekends. If not, it's totally going to the top of my Netflix queue. Then in six months, I'll come back here and comment about how right you were. We're rad like that.

I play games with waiters like that. I start knocking a percent off for every time they irritate the hell out of me. If I weren't so scared they'd do something to my food, I'd actually TELL THEM what they're doing wrong. I'm a bitch like that. But, no, really, they NEED to know or they can't change. I told the girl at the grocery store that her constant grumbling about having to work was extremely annoying and made me not want to shop at that store. She never complained to me again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I bet Skippy was wearing at least 40 pieces of flair.

Nick said...

I like whiskey...we should work something out.

Stacy said...

OMG. Where were you dining?? I'm DYING to know . . .

Metalia said...

AHHH! I cannot wait to see this movie, and your glowing review only made me more impatient.

thethinker said...

I'm probably seeing that tomorrow! I can't wait.

Sandy said...