Friday, August 3, 2007

It's like my brain pretty much consists of squirrels and monkeys playing twister...

I have been more than a little schizo there days with the blogging.
I know.
I haven't been here much.
I know.

So, I figure- why ruin a good thing?

More randomness:

#1) I think my ovaries shriveled a little just reading this.

#2) I realized today, after they had been on my feet for 3+ hours that my Birkenstock clogs had taken on the same smell that my garbage can has on a 95-degree day & the flies are swarming. Time to soak them in bleach, methinks.

#3) I'm going to Duluth this weekend. I will be attending the West Duluth cotillion/street dance this evening. The band Hairball will be playing, and with any luck the Busch lite will be free-flowin'. I thought this dress would be appropriate. Any thoughts?

#4) I got these awesomely awesome clutch purses at the thrift store the other day. God I do so love other peoples' unwanted crap. And I really do use clutches. They're both leather and were about $1.50/a piece. The turquoise one looks very 1983, but the tag inside tells me it's more 1973. Either way, they make me happy.

#5) I also got these sweet crocheted pot holders at the same store for $.95 each. I'm thinking "grandma chic".
I love them.
XO to you, little birdie.

#6) Last night we had two, count em' TWO different soirées we were invited to. The first was throw by a colleague of mine and consisted of a fabulous wine tasting (nine, to be exact) paired with a ton of food. We were given glasses upon our arrival, then we went around to different "stations" where a description of the wine and such and such was posted. We mingled, ate fabulous food, fell in love with her Danish-modern decorating, and overall, felt classier then we actually are.
The second shindig consisted of a BBQ at a friends house with bacon-wrapped ricotta-stuffed chicken and libations that we drank out of mismatched glassware and mason jars.
Here- let me loosen my jeans a bit and pick this chunk of whatever out of my teeth with my finger.
Ahhh...that's much better. Now I can be myself.


So, hopefully I will have tales of glory and valor from the great north and the hee-haw street dance.
As an aside: I met the boy who would give me my first kiss at this very street dance when I was 14. Imagine a giant fish mouth, dipped in a bucket of spit and attached to a vacuum cleaner.

You get the idea.

I will take pictures this weekend.
I promise.

Have a fabulous weekend, my little honey-dipped Circus peanuts.


Butrfly Garden said...

1) Absolutely INSANE people! That's like...a whole kindergarden class!!
3) That's so funny. I wasn't going to tell anyone where I was going. Then a friend on myspace said she was going, too. My brother told me he was yesterday, but I think he was giving me shit because I was trying to sneak away.
4/5)I so fucking love thrift stores. I miss them dearly.

And...I love your title.

Kate said...


Have a fun time!

Stacey said...

I watched a discovery channel show on that family. I just can't even imagine but damn they pretty much have it well organized. I'd guess you'd have too with 17 million kids.

Oh and BTW, that outfit is killer. If you don't wear it it would be a real shame

abbersnail said...

A stream-of-consciousness comment for you: The description of the first kiss = PRICELESS. I love the dress. I love the clutches (though in a decidedly less-facetious way than the dress). Smell of birkenstocks? SMELL OF DEATH. And have fun with all of it. Also? "Honey-coated circus peanut" might be my new favorite term of endearment. Bravo, my friend. Well-played.

Christa said...

maybe i'll see you at the street dance. but i won't be there til after midnight. i'll be looking for shriveled ovaries.

lizgwiz said...

That little chick potholder is adorable. I'm a fan of the kitsch. :)

My BFF used to buy me purses every time he went to a thrift store. He moved away, and now I only get them occasionally. :(

3carnations said...

I am a huge fan of circus peanuts. We actually have a bag of them at home right now. Yum.

Failcooks said...

I am so envious of your thrift store finds. Mine usually eventually end up at yes, another thrift store. You must divulge your sources. . .

Lollie said...

1) I just went to my first fertility appointment so now I am TOTALLY FREAKED OUT! I. Don't. Want. Multiples.
2)Top them off with Febreeze - it really works.
3)I think you should turn everyone on their heads and wear this get up upside-down. Just starch the hell out of the skirt (ala surgery dog collar style) and make the top into a bitchin' mini. You'd win whatever they were handing out.
4) The *snap* on an old clutch makes me happy. That would be the answer to my James Lipton/Bernard Piveau Actor's Studio interview question, "Lollie, what sound or noise do you love?"
5)Pot Holder Crocheter would be the answer to, "What career, other than your own would you like to attempt?"
6)I'm having sushi for the second night in a row just to have a vehicle for the sake. Tip of the Day: Always carry floss.

Have a Great Weekend!!!!

viciousrumours said...

I always wondered why they call them Circus Peanuts. I've been to the circus, the peanuts are not orange or made of sugar...what's up with that?

Suze said...

The dress would be a wise fashion choice. Summery, cool. Take along the white clutch and the chicken pot holder. Nothing says "Party Girl" more than a flag gown, matching purse and a chicken potholder.

Nocturnal said...

#6: That's eating in grand style right there, sounds delish.


H said...

Which thrift store was this? I must go there.

Stefanie said...

I love the idea of clutch purses, but it drives me nuts having to hold on to them constantly. I do, however, LOVE the wristlet-clutch.

Also, Hairball is still around? Really??

Rebecca said...

OMFG - ten years of pregnancy!!!???

you have SUCH a way with words whiskey - your first overly moist, fishmouth, vacuum-cleaning kiss description almost made me puke.

Whiskeymarie said...

Unique Thrift Store on Rice & Larpenteur in St. Paul.

And Rebecca- always happy to oblige.

Sugar Kane said...

That story makes me want to run to the kitchen, grab a spoon, and scoop my ovaries out.

Awesome clutch. I wouldn't carry it with the dress though!

metalia said...

SEVENTEEN Kids? Jesus tapdancing Christ.

The turquoise bag is fab, as are the little purses!