Saturday, August 11, 2007

Seriously, if you have, like, 45 minutes to waste- it will TOTALLY be worth your me.

Tonight felt like the kind of night that should make me feel lucky to be alive.
Really, it did.

My Mr. suggested going out for dinner- my choice. Um...what?
All me. All my choice.

Well, I took that dare, and like Wilbur I kicked the everloving shit out of it.

Dear god it was the best meal I've had in a long time. I had mid-rare Copper River salmon with heirloom tomatoes and micro greens and green onion couscous and buttermilk cucumber sauce and...
dear god it was wonderful. I think I peed a little just loving it...
Also, one of the more glorious pork products, rillettes. With sauerkraut crackers. Oh, there it goes again, the sweats. I get so excited when I get anything cured or brined...

Oh, sweet Jebus how I love pork.

O.k. I'm better now. Stopped sweating anyways.

After dinner, we agreed that we needed to have another "dance party night", which basically consists of us going to Cheapo after dinner, buying cd's, and going home and playing them, along with some of the bazillion LP's we have.

Right now I'm listening to very old Duran Duran. The Mr. has already tuckered out, so it is up to me to fill you in on the goings-on of the evening:

Basically, by the time we get home I am a little loopy. We pour cocktails, and then proceed to get even loopier. Hilarity ensues. Tonight I attempted both the New Kids "Running Man" dance and mimery. Neither was successful.

Tonight, we also decided to drag out all the oldies. We have no... (insert class here)
Oh, just changed it to Alison Moyet. Damn, I'm old.

God I love her voice. Especially the Yaz-era stuff.

Also on the lineup:

Circle Jerks
. Yup. Man, I loved them. I don't care if you don't.

Wall of Voodoo. Not this song, but this is the only video of them that I can find...

John Denver. Man, I bet he was totally awesome in the sack. Seriously.
Totally a "giver", if you know what I mean, ladies. (wink)

Roy Clark. Holy cow, I love me them old country boys. One of the strangest pairings ever here.

Digital Underground. C'mon, do the Humpty Hump. C'MON!!!!!! (this one takes a few seconds to start)

Amy Winehouse. 'Cause sweet jeebus of all that is debaucherous, she makes me look like a sober nun. Damn, I love this girl.

ELO. Fuck. I love ELO. If Jeff Lynne weren't dead I'd leave my husband for him and be his rockstar concubine. Seriously. He was a Goddamn genius. Goddamn. Genius.

Burl Ives. Yes, that's the Mr. WM's selection.
Though, the song where he makes fun of Chinese people is starting to grow on me...

Bee Gees, Jive talkin'. Cause' they know what's what in the world of jive.

A little Mac Davis... We have an album where he is pretending to be a professional skier. Fucking hilarious. Tight pants does not make you a professional athlete, Mac. However, it does make you a professional DOUCHE.

A little Conway and Loretta... Can I just say that I think Conway would have been awesome in bed? I bet he was one of those arrogant fucks that thought he ruled the vagina, until he was told otherwise by a smart woman. Then he would do all he could to "improve", if you know what I mean...

A little more Duran Duran (the nasty, non- p.c. one- you know what I'm talkin' about) Holy Shitsters I love this video-When Simon makes out with the girl in the pool- that was totally me.
I'm a little over stimulated right now, if you feel me... I'll be back in a minute...
God I love that video.

And this one? Breaks my heart every time. No better song to be depressed to. Sometimes I just play the Tears for Fears version and this one over and over. then I pretty much feel like shit. Kill me now. Nothing makes sense. How do you NOT get depressed here?
Tell me, please.

How about this one? Don't look if clowns scare you. Seriously, don't look.
I love the Dickies. Me and Waffle drove down from Duluth once because I wanted to see the Dickies. Then they canceled at the last minute and we ended up watching some group that thought it was interesting to play in their boxer shorts.
Not so much.
You're no Leonard, my man.

Feeling bad? How's about this? (pretty much my favorite angst song- ever.) Or this? (yeah, I figured out he's gay- duh.)

Well, remember who really is Rio. Fuck yeah, me. God, It's so embarrassing how much they show this old video of me...

Let me leave you with this one.

Rock on, Fuckers.



Jeff Lynne said...

Say what? I still have a pulse. Does this change anything? Do you still want to be my Little Miss Dangerous Rock n' Roll mistress?

LittlePea said...

Oh man! I still have undying love for DuranDuran. Dammit I thought I was the only one who ever liked or even knew who the hell Alison Moyet was. This post made want to reconfigure my ipod.

Katrin said...

I never like Duran Duran. I might start understanding them better if I spend more time on your blog ;)
When I saw the photo, I was hoping for some pretty boy music...

Sean in Nola said...

Ah Pork and ELO in the same entry. My day is complete. Thanks

Lollie said...

Your eclectic taste in music confirms that you are my kinda gal. Note to All: If you don't like Duran Duran, you can just turn it around and go home right now. And Upstairs at Eric's? Primo Yazoo. How much do I love that I teened in the 80s?

How about Love and Rockets?

Lollie said...

Hey! You should come to Florida for my birthday in October. My friend's husband is throwing her an 80s themed 40th birthday dress up party that day (I love coincidences!). They are hiring an AC DC cover band and then we are going to dance all night to an 80s DJ. I'm going as a Robert Palmer girl.

Christa said...

dance party night is such a great idea!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's not fucking wonder you are my new blog crush. Despite the lapse of judgement that made you stick warrant in this post, you and the Mister rock.

T said...

ELO. Yes, ELO. Perfect for screaming on a long road trip, or getting me across any number of finish lines.

Butrfly Garden said...

I can't see videos, so I was a little lost.

I remember TOTALLY being into ELO when I was like 14. That would have been 1996. Something about them just rocked my soul. I mean, COME ON! Electric Light Orchestra!? Who could have thought of a name like that without a great writer and great drugs?