Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I have a hot mailman and I want to impress him.

Inspired by an old post from Sandy, and also from my constantly friendly doppelganger Constant Winter (who has gone into hiding- I miss her already and hope she lets me know where she is exiled to but that is neither here nor there), I am embarking on a letter writing odyssey.

I want to write letters. I miss good, handwritten mail.

I want to write letters to you.

I will write letters and/or lengthy postcards to whoever wants one. I promise they will have substance beyond "Hey! How are you? I'm good...", and if there are any questions you'd like to ask me, or if there is something in particular you'd like me to write about, well, by golly let me know. I'll oblige wherever possible. I may or may not post some of the letters. We'll see. I'm indecisive like that. Blame it on my vagina, if it makes you happy to do so.

Catch is- you have to send your address via my e-mail in my profile, so I know where the hell to send this.
I promise to not sell your info to the highest bidder (the lowest, on the other hand...).

Your address is safe with me, but hey- it's entirely up to you.


On other notes:

No, I did not go to the block party. Fuck the block party. A couple of reasons why-

#1) Party was not its usual, 1/2 block from my house, potluck, everyone sitting at picnic tables conversing in what can best be described as a civilized manner whilst drinking wine or beers.
It was a huge gathering at the nearby community center with a band and such and such. I'm trying to figure out where the community bonding starts and the drunken brawl ends.

#2) The Mr. has had a particularly ass-raping work schedule this summer, and he did not come home until after 7-ish tonight (after starting at 6:00 a.m.).
Poor boy was tired, dirty and primarily- tired.
I did not want to go to this weirdness alone. No. Never. I'm socially stunted enough as it is.

#3) Instead, I made a goat cheese, roasted pepper and sherry vinaigrette salad, along with smoked sausages and sauerkraut, and we stayed in. Season two of the U.S. "Office", vodka sodas for me (Jameson for him) and...well that's it.

Oh, and I'm not taking the "Caution" tape down from the house or a while.
As it bears repeating: Fuck 'em. When I move away I'll send them all a goodbye card an let them know that the whole "Avian Flu" thingy was a joke.
And I'll make them cookies- just to seal the deal.
(as an aside- I live in a nice, respectable neighborhood with perfectly fine, upstanding citizens. I just ant a new house, that's all.)

And Ms. Christina- later today or early tomorrow I will have it done. Unless, of course, I am abducted my the legendary tribe of monkey Zulu warriors. Then it may be an extra day or so. Bear with me


Sandy said...

Mr Rights. What's not to love?

3carnations said...

We also have a fine neighborhood, but man does a block party sound unfun. I don't want to hang out with all my neighbors.

I'd love to get a postcard from you, but hubby thinks all the bloggers are crazy people, therefore I am not allowed to give out my personal info. I abide by this request since he is really only looking out for our son (and me...heck, and himself) and I can't really argue with that. So, write me a postcard and send it to someone else, please. :-)

Butrfly Garden said...

We were lying in bed last night and The Man said, "Fuck! I knew there was something I wanted to do tonight! It's National Night Out." "Oh...that must be what WhiskeyMarie was talking about..and the people in her comments...I just thought they all had like, involved neighborhoods."

Suffice it to say, I also did not participate in National Night Out.

I'm a little wary of giving you my address...what if your Zulu monkeys find it?

Lollie said...

Can I have 3carnations postcard?

Also, smoked sausages and sauerkraut...yum. I made a kick-ass dinner last night riffing off Food & Wine's recipe for milk braised pork loin. Holy crap was it tender.

We are repeating the caraway seed and ancho chile soaked shrimp and hot Italian sausage BBQ kebabs tonight.

Know it. Lust after it.

Nature Girl said...

I've been wanting to get back into mail art for a while now, this may just be the excuse I need. I only recently found you thru KimmyK's blog, and only commented a couple of times, but if you're game, I could start next week when I get back from a road trip?

Whiskeymarie said...

Kids, this is a no-pressure, do it only if you want sort of thing.
No big deal.

And I am crazy- surely you've figured that out by now...

But, I'm not a stalker. I don't have the level of commitment that it takes to be a stalker. I'm MUCH lazier than that.

Flenker said...

In my old neighborhood, our "block party" was called "Thursday through Saturday night," and everyone would usually be drunk/hungover at all times, and occasionally a boxing match would break out. true story.

And I would love a letter/postcard! I'll send you my info, and will immediately wait by the mailbox.

abbersnail said...

I definitely want a postcard! I'll even send you one back!

Your evening sounds like my dream evening. Also? I would like to know what was in that salad. YUM!

Stacey said...

Ha, I would love to have a WhiskeyMarie postcard. Are you making them by hand ? That would make it even more special.
Hell even if you did show up on my doorstep because you really were some crazed lunatic I'd simply invite you in for a glass of wine...oh and I'd probably ask you to cook for me too. So show up at your own risk.

Courtney said...

So - now, if you write me a cute witty postcard... do I have to be cute and witty back? Becuase that's a lot of pressure on a girl.

Shannon Erin said...

I have a whole box full of cards from back in the day when I actually mailed people things on their anniversaries, birthdays, etc. I think I might just start randomly sending them to people just to screw with their heads. Am I too late to get a fun piece of mail? Has that ship already sailed?

Whiskeymarie said...

Never too late- e-mail me the locale, my dear.

I send people random mail/postcards/whatever all the time. They rarely reciprocate, but that's o.k. because they tell me how happy it makes them to get randomly random stuff.

Winter said...

Can't believe I missed this post because of work!