Sunday, May 11, 2008

When bloggers collide, part deux.

Look who I ran into in a bar in Duluth, MN! And this guy too!

I catch you up on the rest of the details of my weekend, etc... as soon as I find my pants.



Christa said...

that was super funny! i then proceded to do a bunch of stuff that i forgot, but i think involves a mexican frozen pizza.

i'm glad i finally saw the bar flare.

T.J. said...

Since there seems to be so much 'blogger on blogger' love goin' on with you, let me say this:

If you ever find yourself on the west coast (specificly nevada in the reno area) give me a shout, and I'll show you how to party in a 24-hr-do-anything-find-anything-town


Fran said...

I wish you would turn up in a bar over here.

Oh the tales we could tell!

Very fun. Duluth, a hot bed of bloggery indeed.

CDP said...

It seems that the entire state of Minnesota is a hotbed of blogging. Very cute picture of you guys!

L Sass said...

That is hilarious!
I'm jealous!

Landis said...

if i run into you in a bar,
i'll be sure and buy you a drinkie.

something red. with an umbrella. and tequila. and a bendy straw.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Why can't I meet up with really cool people randomly?

Gwen said...

Ok, first off? My feed reader is WAAAY behind with updating you. I apologize for being absent. I thought you hadn't posted in a while.

Second, (be sure to read this in my whiniest voice ever) why, why, why aren't you ever in St. Louis? Come to St. Louis!