Monday, May 19, 2008

In my opinion...

Things that-I believe- are overrated:
  • Energy drinks
  • Roses
  • "fun size" candy bars
  • SNL
  • ice cream
  • sensible shoes
  • American Idol
  • doing shots
  • dinner
  • Franzl Lang
  • nose-picking
  • well-manicured lawns
  • tits
  • diamonds
  • low-carb/no-carb
  • flawless skin, tans
  • puppies
  • dignified banter
  • over-scheduling
  • driving
  • telephones
  • order

Things that are underrated:
  • plain, black coffee
  • lilies
  • "King Size" candy bars
  • MadTV
  • cake
  • goldfish shoes
  • The "LOCKUP" series on MSNBC
  • cold, cheap beer on a warm day
  • breakfast/brunch
  • Slim Whitman
  • sinus-clearing, tremor-inducing nose-blowing
  • dandelions
  • the word "tits"
  • glitter (the sparkles, not the movie)
  • warm french bread with cold, real butter
  • scars, freckles
  • monkeys
  • loud, fist-shaking arguments
  • under-scheduling
  • walking
  • letters
  • chaos


abbersnail said...

I'm totally swiping this idea!

Fran said...

As for me - I would make very few changes to this list.

Here's to more Slim Whitman and King-Sized candy bars!

Sizzle said...

"warm french bread with cold, real butter" YUM!

and with you on the rest really. especially freckles. someone should start worshiping mine any day now.

Iheartfashion said...

In complete agreement about energy drinks, sensible shoes, American Idol, and driving!
I can't go along with ice cream though...

Suze said...

I love the Lockup Series. I'm always hoping to see family members during these specials.

wafelenbak said...

I love freckles AND warm French bread with cold butter!
But I have to disagree on puppies and sensible shoes being overrated. Sorry, I'm a puppy-loving/flats-wearing sissy.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Tits are only overrated to those who possess them.

gorillabuns said...

ummm.... butter....ummmm.....bread....

Failcooks said...

Ah, hell. You just KNOW I gotz to get me some of them goldfish shoes. And its all your fault. Don't be pissed the next time we meet for HH, and I'm all decked out in some fish. . .

McGone said...

Let's check the compatibility here:

* Yes
* Totally
* "what's-so-fun?" about play candy, I ask
* For the past few years
* I only have it twice a year
* Well, I'm a dude.
* The very definition of overrated!
* Really... what's wrong with just enjoying a drink?
* Necessary, but let's not get out of control
* N/A
* Sometimes necessary?
* Means nothing to me (I rent)
* OK, let's not get crazy (although I am more of a leg-and-ass guy myself)
* What now?
* diet/dieter
* I'm practically see-through
* Sorry, I am a dog person, so demerits on this one
* I rarely make sense!
* That's all I know!
* I do too much of it
* Oh those damn telephones!
* never heard of it

Things that are underrated:

* Practically my life blood
* I'll pass on this one
* God love em!
* Is that still on?
* The band or the food? Because "yes."
* But the clean up/fish burial is such a pain in the ass
* I'll have to check this out
* Sweet Fancy moses, that's some good stuff right there
* Yes/YES
* Close Encounters and Mars Attacks! God Love Slim Whitman.
* An orgasm for the sinuses
* I have no response
* The word tits is the tits!
* I'll pass on the glitter too, thanks
* Why do I always get hungry when i visit this site?
* The love of my life is all red hair and freckles
* Who doesn't love monkeys> Besides ninjas, I mean.
* Never heard of it.
* It's relaxing, isn't it?
* The forgotten art
* Is there anything but chaos?

Stefanie said...

I thought you borrowed this idea from Abbersnail but I see now she borrowed it from you! That's what happens when I'm behind on blog reading. I get to the B's before the W's. :-)

I'm with you: there's nothing fun about tiny "fun sized" candy, and I've never understood the American Idol obsession.

lizgwiz said...

I have to say...the older I get, the more I get the "sensible shoes" thing. But I still want them to be cute. Cute, sensible shoes--that's the ticket.

Oh, good lord, now I want some warm bread and cold butter, and since it was 94 (!) here yesterday, I definitely want a cold, cold beer. Is 9:30 a.m. too early for that?

L Sass said...

Fun size candy bars = pfffft

Why even bother?

domboy said...

You talk the talk, but I doubt you could write such a list with an actual puppy before you.

Bill Hipps said...

Tits and puppies overrated???
I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were drunk when writing this as I know you are much smarter than that.

Whiskeymarie said...

Just sayin'...
Given the choice between a puppy and a monkey, the puppy would lose every time.
And, boobs = underrated, tits = overrated. I see a difference between the two. Boobies are nice and natural, tits look like overinflated water balloons.

Have we all forgotten about the squirrels in my brain??

Nature Girl said...

There's a lot to be said for BOTH of those lists WM! I just might have to do a post like this myself!

Ps..I LOVE Ethel!

Lollie said...

About the puppy thing - this is just more evidence that you have officially moved over to the Dark Side (aka, Catland).

Gwen said...

I agree with about 90% of your assessments because you can eat enough fun size candy bars to make a king and I love picking my nose.

dguzman said...

Ice cream overrated? I'm with you on all of them except that one. Gimme a big bowl of plain old strawberry.

Flenker said...

boobs are awesome. That's all I really have to add.

Gretta said...

If you look at the word "chaos" really fast, it kind of looks like "oreos", and I totally agree.

CDP said...

I'm with you on about 80% of both lists. And now I SO want a piece of nice crusty bread with butter.

surviving myself said...

I want nougat.

John said...

LOL. You're SO delicious.

Renaissance Woman said...

Loud, fist-shaking arguments...sometimes it's the only thing that really helps the moments.