Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wanted: sinus transplant donor- will pay top dollar & throw in a family-size bag of skittles.

Ahhh, spring.
That glorious time of year marked by birds singing, an unfamiliar warmth in the air, tulips blooming, trees budding...
and runny boogers in my nose.

And itchy eyes.

And the feeling that a small colony of ants has decided to set up residence in my sinus cavity.

Up until today, Claritin-D has done the trick. Not so much anymore. Time for the hard stuff.

Zyrtec, my tiny little pharmaceutical wonder- you are my heroin. Literally. You make me feel better, sometimes I even forget about these infernal allergies whilst on you- but you zonk me out, junkie-style.

Once it kicks in, in approximately an hour, I will have to start main-lining coffee, or I can expect to get exactly ZERO accomplished.
Well, technically I guess that's what happens lots of days. I just usually at least LOOK alert & on the ball even if "catching up on some work" means cruising the internet for footwear.

I should feel flattered. I've been immortalized in doll form, along with my recently-discovered half-sister:

I wonder, do they still make vivarin?
I'm thinking I could crush it up & add it to a double espresso.

I'm calling it a "double mocha twitchy heart episode"- patent pending.

Starbucks? Caribou? My idea is for sale, if you're wondering...


Jessica said...

Lets take a nap!! I get to spoon you though.

T said...

I haven't seen Vivarin in a while. There, is, however, caffeinated shower gel—scrub up and get 200 mgs absorbed through your pores!

Just log on to, where I shop for all HH's birthday gifts.

Whiskeymarie said...

Makes me sleepy. And gives me warm fuzzies.

cathouse teri said...


And vivarin of all things!

On goals, I agree ~ I'm not much into being disappointed ~ hence, my goal-free life. :)

Melissavina said...


I had one of those dolls growing up. No joke! She was my favorite.

I remember making that exact face when I was sick and my dad took a photo. What a perfect post!!

thethinker said...

My brother has horrible allergies.

And I just laugh at him because even the hard stuff doesn't seem to help.

Christa said...

i'll trade you my sinuses for your urinary tract ...

feisty said...

yep, my allergies popped up right in time for THE BIG RACE! Damn...