Saturday, April 7, 2007

Shes alive!!!! And surprisingly, not a hunchback.

Just so you know I'm not Frankenfreak...

I am not an animal!!!!!
Though I have been known to have elephantitis of the brain.

I am a normal lady-sort. With nice cheek bones. And decent brown eyes.
And I like my freckles.

And, I have a rather nice kisser.

To continue in the "oh, stop it!" flattering vein, I've been told, on occasion, that I have nice hair.

Beyond that, I claim no fame where cuteness is concerned.

Much past that, my brain is seriously warped, I don't tan well (what with the porcelain hue & all), and I blame you for my faults. So there. Just try and be my friend.

I feel I need some sort of redemption after the lovely 80's shots.

p.s. Sorry Maurey, we seem to have had the same sort of idea today.
Just an f.y.i: I am not trying to challenge you in a cute-off, for the record.

But... maybe a dance-off? Hmmm?


Kate said...

You. Are. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I pride myself on having an unusually gorgeous group of lady friends, what with Carrie and her surreal modely frame, Inga and her flawless hardbody, and Rachel and her catlike green peepers. But you, Marcy, will always (or until I start hanging out with Angelina & Brad) will always be the placeholder for my most gorgeous lady friend. (Just ask my other peeps. They know as well as I do).

Whiskeymarie said...

Back at 'cha. Double.
Coming from you of the perfect skin and stacked bod,, shucks.

While I wasn't fishing here (just trying a shot at 80's photo-horror redemption), I'll take the love.
Thanks, Sweets.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

very cute!

T said...

You forget to mention those gorgeous thingies I'm so jealous off. How could you forget those?!

T said...

As for the dance-off ... well ... prepare yourself for Karaoke Revolution this weekend! Assuming I can speak again.