Monday, April 16, 2007

Reasonable questions I know there aren't any answers for

A teacher goes to work, a day like any other day. Same students, same classes.

I am a teacher. I teach adults. I sometimes have disgruntled students with misplaced anger issues and (occasionally) violent pasts.

I never think that I will go to class and end up dead.

(Well, actually it has crossed my mind before, I have to admit. But I try to not think about it. Today I have to think about it.)

Or, I worry that some of my bright and decent and talented students will end up dead.
In my class.

I'm wasting time worrying about shoes and the world is (again) busy proving itself to be cruel, ugly and indiscriminately violent.

How do you not worry? How do you not feel defeat and disappointment in basic human decency?

How do you enjoy your "moments" when you think, "That could be me, I suppose"?

I guess you just do. You have to.
Once more...push the worry and fear aside and just keep going.

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Brillig said...

I guess we do. We just have to keep going. Thanks for this. It was really beautifully written.