Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ladies night, wet t-shirts optional

My little lemon tarts-
I am up North today (Duluth- it's freaking cold here too, big surprise) & tomorrow as it's Waffle's belated b-day outing with the ladeez.

Also, I got a spankin' new haircut.

Pictures to follow (maybe some nudity, maybe some drunkenness, maybe some scrapbooking, who can say?)

Talk to y'all tomorrow.
Go out & have fun tonight, report back to me with the details.



Brillig said...

Nudity, drunkenness, and scrapbooking. What a very fascinating combo. Hahaha.

As for me, I think I took care of a sick baby. And didn't get enough sleep. And then I woke up and went to church. Seriously. I'm so boring. How do you put up with me???

Whiskeymarie said...

The love is always unconditional, toots.

Plus, you're needed to balance out the bad behavior, trash-talking like truckers on meth, and general pessimism many of us seem to embrace, snuggle and sweet-talk to so often.