Friday, April 13, 2007

Marlys and Ethel, meet John Kerry

Well, in a stunning upset, the green wedgies pulled ahead of the florals to win by a vote of 5:3.
The poor patent beauties garnered only 1 first place vote.
Boring but reliable taupe is sent to the clearance bin with 0% of the votes.

However, in the true fashion of our most recent presidential elections, the popular vote means absolutely nothing here. Zip. Nada.

They're out of green in my size. Shoe-whoring, teasing bastards.

So, floral it is! And I got free overnight shipping, so I can hug and kiss them sooner. I think I'll name them Marlys and Ethel.

I would have been thrilled with either, and now I'm pining for the green (punny, punny), so I signed up for an alert if they get them in my size.
I am such a consumer-shoe pig-don't-want-the-green-shoes-to-feel-bad-can't-say-no- pushover.

Thanks for the votes. Maybe I'll enlist you guys next time I'm shopping for bras & undies.


ps said...

i still love the black patent. nice choice though. have a great weekend! xoxo

Failcooks said...

Which will be especially nice if we can get titty shots.