Saturday, April 7, 2007

The money shot

Pretty much all of my activity in the past 24 hours has involved spending cash in one way or another.

A breakdown:

Dinner last night at Tampopo Noodle Shop in St. Paul. I LOVE this place. We shared a spicy tuna roll, then I had this breaded organic salmon plate with rice, a green salad with sesame dressing & miso soup. Mr. WM had the tempura shrimp soba noodle bowl. He had tea, I had 2 glasses of Albarino. We all know who the lush is here- this should be no big surprise.
Great meal.

We went out for breakfast this morning at this dive by our house as there were no eggs or any sort of potato product in the house, and I was really in no mood to cook. Nothing fancy, just eggs, hashers, bacon, etc...but really good, nonetheless.

Then, grocery shopping so that we may actually eat one meal at home this weekend. Cub super-sucked today. The parking lot was a war zone, people were literally banging their carts into other people, and of course there were the usual screaming brats, long lines & crazy people. I fucking hate going to Cub. Sometimes it's worth it to go to the hoity-toity grocery store by my house and pay $5 for a box of cereal just to not have to witness the battlefield that is Cub. I'm bringing a tazer next time.

Then, I was bored so I went to Har Mar for a little "me" time.
T.J. Maxx- 2 bras, 4 pairs of unders and a white, short-sleeved tissue tee with this crazy asian looking animal thing on it. Very cute.
-$25. Yes, that's right. $25. I am a shopping goddess- kneel before me and bask in my glory.

Marshalls (which happened to smell like farts today)- White 3/4 sleeved pointelle top, cotton knit basic black skirt that I'll wear the crap out of & a pair of tenners on clearance for the Mr.
-$28. Yes, I know. You don't have to tell me- I can feel your awe from here.
(On a side note- Marshalls actually had an Armani dress marked $995. When did they start carrying stuff like that? I seriously doubt that the Roseville soccer moms are going to skip a few car payments to get a wrinkled, snagged mauve dress that they can wear to a birthday party at the Olive Garden.)

Book on sale at Barnes & Noble:

Beer and nachos at Old Chicago in Har Mar- happy hour prices:

Grand total:

Guess it could be worse.
To be honest though, that doesn't count the 3 books, dress and sweater that I ordered online in the past few days. I consider online purchases to be in a separate category entirely, like Pringles vs. Doritos. Similar? Yes. The same thing? No.
Therefore, they don't count here.
So there.
It's my logic and it only has to make sense to me.


thethinker said...

Cub sounds strangely like Walmart.

Margie Blystone said...

The bitch will be trying to get the Olive Garden spaghetti sauce stains out of that G.D. pink Armani before the in-laws anniversary party at the Macaroni Grill next month.