Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Takin what they're givin' cause I'm workin for a livin'

One of two 15-hour days down...

One to go.


How could I have done this and more for 3 solid years?

I hurt. Especially my old, punished knees.

I once went a WHOLE YEAR without so much as one day off. Plus, I was pulling 14-16+ hour days. 100+ hour workweeks were nothing, bitches. I could do that with my eyes closed and a twinkie stuffed in my mouth.

Oh yeah, I forget...that's when I went a little "coo-koo" and had a sort of "breakdown".


Oh yeah.

That's why I love my job now. Even with the occasional suck-ass day(s). Like today.

And tomorrow, I predict.

I worked 9 days in March. Total. But got paid for em' all.

I freaking love, love, love my sweet, sweet job. And, for the record, no time clock shall I punch.
XOXO to you, job.

But today still sucked. Love or no love. Sucked. Ass.

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