Monday, April 2, 2007

Tacos, donkeys and hookers

Back to work today after 2 indulgent weeks off. I'm not used to this working thing after my lazy time. I'm tired & my brain seems to be oozing out of my ears.
So, I've got nothing today.

I'm bored.
What did you have for dinner last night?

I had fancy taco night: chicken & black beans, sauteed onions & veggies, salsa, guac, corn tortillas. And, to properly end my vacation- a margarita. How's that for excitement?

I'll be smart, charming & witty tomorrow, I promise (of course, that's assuming that charm, smarts and wit have ever bothered to stop in & have a drink, a smoke and maybe a smooch here before).

Today I am Hee-haw stupid and exhausted as a hooker on "dollar night".


T said...

Is this a poll? I'm so glad I have an answer other than Lunchables. Gnocchi with spinach, red pepper and Italian sausage. HH even helped. Mmmm.

Dear, you are always gorgeous and funny.

Whiskeymarie said...

It is a poll, of sorts. I'm kind of obsessed with what people eat for just every day meals. Gnocchi, saltines with peanut butter, leftover Chinese, cap'n crunch for dinner...nothing is too pedestrian or weird- bring it on.

Anonymous said...

A "Big N' Tasty" from McDonalds and beer ("Milwaukee Classic Ice" of all beers, too), because I'm classy like that.

ps said...

tonight i'm having a coconut curry "star" from gigi's (36th and bryant). i mostly got it because i felt like having a star for dinner. xoxo

Whiskeymarie said...

Mmmmm...curry and Mickey D's.
New invention coming...
Curry "star" burger!
Ta da!

And tonight, I'm working so I had a protein bar that tasted like the candy bar from the 9th circle of hell. Kind of like sawdust, wax and arsenic.
Alas, I'm still hungry so I think I'll have some laughing cow cheese & crackers when I get home.
And a cocktail. And hummus.