Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gertrude, take a memo, will you?

Dear dentist's office:

Calling me three times to confirm one measly appt. is not going to make me answer my phone. Seriously. You're starting to creep me out. Stop. Don't make me get my tazer out.


Dear Pooter, my beloved cat:

Quit shoving your butt in my face. I am not nearly as fascinated by it as you are. Damn cat-butt. And, on a related note- your breath stinks.


Dear Wednesday:

Show some initiative and be Friday already, you pathetic little underachiever.


Dear Whiskeymarie:

Picking at it only makes it worse, you know.



3carnations said...

Do you have two zits on your chin, too? I should have received one of those letters about picking this week, too.

CDP said...

Me too. I KNOW that picking makes it worse, but I am compelled to do it anyway.

Fran said...

Pick pick pick, it is all that I do.

L Sass said...

I can't stop picking, ever!

abbersnail said...

I am the worst picker EVER. Right now I have 42 (truly) flea bite scabs on my legs. It is gross.

TMI. Sorry.

Mariposa said...

Can I address your note to Wednesday to Monday instead?

NotSoccer Mom said...

seriously, what is UP with cat butt??? pfft!!!!

Lisa said...

Dog ass and breath isn't so wonderful either. Eww!

gorillabuns said...

Who knew there were so many pickers in this group?

diatribes and dish said...

I'm with pistols. I love cat butt. And dog butt, too.

H said...

I know all about cat butt. That sounds bad, but it's just in a cat's nature to shove its ass in your face at every opportunity it gets. I've noticed that one of my cat's breath stinks lately as well (perhaps this is related to the cat butt?) Maybe someone makes kitty breath mints we should be getting our hands on.