Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Warm buttocks, cold cocktails

Not that I'm trying to make anyone jealous...

But I'm having the best freaking vacation EVER. Fab hotel, fantastic, not-too-touristy island, mopeds and caves and beaches...oh my! Even the flights were fine with my lovely pharmeceutical friends. I only have time right now to use the computer at the "business center" of our hotel as we are waiting for our 8:00 dinner reservations at some Japanese restaurant at the Westin hotel across the street.

Random notes:
*You can carry cocktails anywhere.
*No one has an "agenda".
*The beaches are sooooo amazing here. Pristine, turquoise water & white sand.
*Jesus, everything is amazing here- even my "travelling snob" friends are impressed. Stick that in your multi-stamped passport & smoke it!
*We watched some trophy wife get busted at the pool yesterday by her doctor husband (I'm not sure how we know that, but we do). She was all over these 4 middle-aged-to-old leatherfaces in speedos. Literally draping herself on the REALLY old one. Freaking hilarious.
*Mr. Whiskeymarie drank a blended girl-drink out of a coconut last night, "Gilligan's Island" style. He's comfortable with his heterosexuality.
*I love vacations. I need more of them.

I think our travel friends(the ones we don't know so well yet), who unfortunately scored the room right below ours, heard our afternoon acrobatics yesterday- I don't care if they did.

Pictures to follow- sorry I'm tropical, drunk (actually not at the moment, but give me an hour), warm and happy. You'll get over it.


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