Sunday, March 4, 2007

Beer, broads, birthdays and...raw fish.

Blondie & myself had a date last night at Saji-ya for yet more sushi. And a cocktail. And a Sapporo. That Blondie, she's quite a date- good conversationalist, snappy dresser, trash-talker extraordinaire, and a sexpot to boot- but that chick never puts out. It's like once she stopped hooking she lost interest entirely.

But, she's still a good time, even if she's a big tease. And she likes Sapporo as much as I do.

It's her birthday this week. We will be celebrating both hers & Ms. Hotpants up North this coming Saturday. Getting older is not so fun but "birthday nights" out are, even if we don't do things anymore like saving a giant meatball in Ms. Hotpant's freezer, only to take it out for it's own "birthday" each year to try to get our friends to eat him.

I kind of miss Mr. Meatball. He died far too young.

Happy early birthday spankings, toots.

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