Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tomorrow, back to misery and whining, but today...sun! sand! feet!

A few boring pictures from my week in "perfect world": where the sun always shines, the water is perfectly blue, you never have to work, cocktail hour is all day (every day, it turns out), and someone makes your bed and leaves fresh towels every day.

I love you Freeport, Bahamas. St. Paul is jealous, but what has that bitch ever done for me? Huh?
Snow? Mortgage? Hot, humid summers and bitter winters? And where exactly are the mopeds?

Anyways, looking on the sunny side of things:

Our hotel.

View from our balcony.

One of the many beaches we visited. This one was in Lucaya National Park. There was a beach bar here called "Bishops" where we devoured super-fresh fish and the local brew, Kalik beer. We drank many, many, many Kaliks this week.

Yours truly, feeling not-so-great at the beach. The illness I started getting before leaving sort of stuck with me all week. Usually I was fine, but this day I was a little wiped & just laid in the shade.
Not pictured: my pineapple rum-mango concoction in a bottle on the sand. My liver quits for no illness.

Our badass moped gang, the Flaming Honkeys.

No one was more surprised than me that, not only was Olivia Newton-John NOT here, but there was absolutely nowhere to roller-skate. Imagine my embarrassment. I guess I looked pretty stupid in orange spandex hotpants, a halter top & purple pom-poms on my skates. Don't even ask about the tan lines- sheesh.

The happiest toes in the world.

I am running away from home and going back tomorrow. My new identity is Alessandra Von Poontanavich, the elusive & beautiful Massingil heiress. I will try to write, whenever my socialite's calendar allows- and as long as it's not "cotillion" season, because I do hate to miss a party, my darlings.

Picture me, waving regally from a yacht...

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