Friday, March 2, 2007

Another awe-inspiring day well spent

I spent 6.5 hours shopping today.

I spent 1.0 hours shoveling today.

Not exactly a day of memories to pass on for future generations. Though I did find some sexy, somewhat hoochie-esque "snakeskin" cork wedges for $13 at Rosedale. I will wear the crap out of about 3 months.

I was actually birthday shopping for my girls Blondie & Ms. Hotpants, who have the Feb. & March b-days in our little clique. I bought Blondie gift certificates to Spencer gifts & Wal-Mart, and a helper monkey. I hope she likes Mr. Wiggles. Ms. Hotpants got a subscription to NASCAR monthly and a Korean baby. I know she wants a girl, and nothing is too extravagant for my ladies.

I am physically incapable of shopping for that long without buying myself a little token of my affection, so... the shoes, a top (returning it- weirdest fitting thing I've bought in a while but the fitting room-check girls made me feel contaminated), two cute thongs at $2 each- which is within my limit for undies-$5. I don't get spending more on something that spends that much time rubbing against my butthole. Think about it. And I bought stickers.

I love stickers. And I don't care what you think about my love for them. Stickers make me happy. Remember getting star stickers? Do you?
If all I need to feel validated is a tiny smiley face, or muppet, or butterfly, or monkey- what's the harm in that? Try it- you'll see. Stickers = all is well in the world.

So, that's it.
That was my day.

I feel guilty that I didn't do more with my newly snow-liberated self today.
Although, this guilt, much like dorito-breath and Corey Feldman's career- this too shall pass.

Now, some wine.

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