Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear interdepartmental "Issue" at work:

If you were some whiny bitch at a bar, complaining about your boyfriend and how you hate that he sleeps with your sister AND your bi-curious cousin from Atlanta...
Well, I'd slap you hard and tell you to snap out of it.
Then I'd buy you a drink and sing karaoke with you.
But c'mon.
I'm not kidding.
Get the fuck over it already.


Suze said...

I'm all for solidarity. I'll slap and drink with you.

Mariposa said...

hahaha, that is nice...a slap and a least you offer a drink... :P

Fran said...

Slap... drink.
Slap... drink.
Slap... drink.

What a nice little rhythm that has going.

abbersnail said...

Karaoke makes everything better.

Nocturnal said...

Heh, I think you're spot on here WM.


Mommy Lisa said...

Especially if we get to be the Dixie Chicks and sing "Goodbye Earl" really loud and out of key!

Those black-eyed peeeeees taste a'right to meeeeeeEEEEE!

domboy said...

In college, after months of crying about my girl leaving me, my friend said "Shit happens, deal with it." It was a simple but important lesson (self-absorption has always been my weak point).