Sunday, October 28, 2007

Look into my fridge- look inside my soul.

In case you were sitting around thinking:
"Hey! I wonder what Whiskeymarie has in her refrigerator right now. Does she eat pickled herring too? Does she like the same brand of yogurt that I do? Or, does she sustain herself entirely on booze and condiments?"

Well, this is it- I didn't clean it up, remove anything, or try to toss in some fancy stuff like a leftover rack of lamb with truffles and gold dust from that fabulous dinner party I had last night.

Actually, last night we ordered in Cleveland Wok, the remnants of which you can see here. We had steamed dumplings, Veg fried rice, Chicken with black bean sauce and spicy beef lo mein.

The energy drinks belong to the Mr.
I consider it a personal victory that I finally nagged him into submission and now he drinks the sugar-free ones. Ha! Nagging: 1, Husband: 0.

You'll note the jumbo bag of prunes (keeps you regular!), one lonely sweet potato, two bags of organic field greens (I can't remember which one is older. I hate when that happens), the syrup brought forward from its usual resting place in the back (banana-cranberry-pecan pancakes this morning), and leftover jar of orange nacho cheese from an after-going out binge. The white packet is tonight's dinner- salmon something or other. I haven't thought dinner through quite yet.
Oh, and there is a really old pack of sauerkraut in there that I haven't bothered to check the date on to see if it's toxic waste yet or not.

The freezer is pretty boring.

Some decaf coffee that's been in there since last Christmas (I don't understand the concept of "decaf", but I hate throwing things away), light ice cream (it is to ice cream what Boone's Farm is to fine wine), many, many frozen bananas, some leftover pumpkin in a container labeled "lamb", frozen peas from the farmer's market this summer, frozen berries, and then a bunch of shit in the back that I'm afraid of.

And yes, my refrigerator is from (approximately) 1982. It is ugly. But I'm one of those sad people that won't get rid of something as long as it still works. When it breaks, then we'll get something that isn't beige with smoky brown drawers.
Until then, beige it is.

So there you go- another 5 minutes of your life that you'll never get back.

Sorry to have done this to the both of us.


Suze said...

But lots and lots of ice trays for drinks. Exactly how I pictured it - nice.

Fran said...

Oh no- that is, well actually about 3 minutes of my life, well spent.

I am - not to take advantage of your situation, but I am feeling so much better about my skany fridge.

And you and Mr He Is are of one mind about replacing the old thang. What is it with you use it til it dies people???

Lisa said...

My freezer's full of brown bananas too. And lots of ice. The fridge - notsomuch anything right now.

Distributorcap said...

is that fake maple syrup i saw????

Nature Girl said...

Oh boy, if I ever did a post like this, it'd be scarey as hell. maybe I'll do it for Halloween! :)
Salmon something or other? YUM! I LOVE Salmon something or other!

CDP said...

Does anyone remember when "'zines" were a big deal? Late 80s/early 90s; people would self publish these little magazines, nothing more than a few pages stapled together, and you could pick them up in record stores and other places. Anyway, 2 friends had one that was very good...very low tech, but hysterically funny and well-written. They did a "purse dump" feature in which they cornered friends and coaxed them into dumping their bags, then the contents were documented with no editing allowed...dirty kleenex, 15 lipsticks, whatever was there. It was fascinating reading. It might be fun to do a photo version on our blogs. Maybe I'll get around to it.

Sean said...

I never thought of storing asparagus that way. I will have to give it a shot. Thanks

Whiskeymarie said...

Suze- Yes, our fridge is so old that we don't even have an automatic ice maker- the HORROR!

Fran- Yeah, my fridge is pretty much always a mess. And see, the thing is, we already have one old fridge in our garage, we don't need two out there. When this one dies, I'll have the appliance people haul it's corpse away to the fridge graveyard.

Lisa- I have high hopes for those bananas, but they never seem to make it to becoming banana bread. If only there were a frozen cocktail that one could make with freezer bananas...

dcap- It is. Shameful, I know- especially for someone with my credentials. I like the real stuff for baking and such, but when it comes to my 'cakes, I love the fake stuff. Feel free to pray for my food soul.

Stacie- the salmon something or other turned out to be salmon on roasted sweet potatoes with black bean salsa and orange buerre blanc (butter sauce- just a little though!). My fridge may scream "White trash!", but my cooking says "White trash that can cook!".

cdp- July 7, 2007 I did just that. I figure next up I'll either dump out the contents of my junk drawer for y'all, or I'll let you see inside my medicine cabinet. That, or I'll take everyone along to my next pap smear.

Sean- Try it. It seriously extends the life of asparagus by 3-4 days.

Nature Girl said...

Dang girl! I'll say you can cook! That sounds FABULOUS!

Mommy Lisa said...

Freezer Bannana pina colada?

I have a ton of those too.

Liberality said...

well I'm glad I'm not the only one with an old refrigerator and that I won't buy a nice new one because the old one still works kind of gal.

Mountjoy said...

I see you aren't keeping the Vodka chilled then?

Whiskeymarie said...

Stacie- I do what I can.

mommy- I think you're on to something there- if I come up with a recipe, I'll let y'all know.

liberality- I am terrible- my coffeemaker is 11+ years old, my Cuisinart is also 11+ years old, I don't own a dishwasher...
I AM the old lady next door.

mountjoy- Oh, it's in there- it's just tucked in on the left. Oh hell yes it's in there.

Rebecca said...

Is that asparagus in the water jug?? so that's how you keep it fresh!!! most excellento to know.

But where is all the Aussie vino? Must be in the door!

Stefanie said...

I think it's safe to say that's more "real" food than I've had in my fridge cumulatively all year long.

Also, my fridge is way older than 1982 (no ice-maker for me, either). I don't even want to talk about my furnace or water heater. (I'm just hoping they don't all die at once. That would be an expensive week.)

dguzman said...

I too have the frozen black bananas that will (let's face it) NEVER become banana-nut bread. But I do have you beat on the age-of-the-fridge thing: we have our new fridge as well as a fridge from the 1950s that still works! It came with the house, and we didn't know what to do with it. Then our fridge broke, so while we waited for our homeowner's insurance to kick in with the dough for a new one, we used that 1950s model in the basement. A lifesaver, really. Even though that's balanced by the fact that it has an ungrounded plug that looks like a lamp cord. (Holy electrical fire, Batman.)

TwistedNoodle said...

AAA-HAA! I have just learned, thanks to you, that I have been storing my asparagus all wrong. I usually leave it in the plastic produce bag and store it in the veggie bin and it goes all limpy on me if I don't use it within a day.

I have no idea what the shelf life of sauerkraut would be since I don't eat anything that's been pickled sour. But... you'd think that since it's pickled how the hell could you tell if it's gone bad? Does it permeate a different sort of soury scent? Does the cabbage begin growing hair? I have no clue, please advise.

And those pitted prunes are delicious. I love snacking on them but I always get carried away.

The top shelf of my fridge only consists of bottled water, milk and Int'l Delight French Vanilla and beer for my man. I get slightly annoyed if anything else finds its way on that shelf.

Chocolate covered frozen bananas. That's all I'm saying. Well.. one more thing. I love the prune costume.

Shannon Erin said...

You use you're egg holder thing! I didn't think anybody used that. Maybe I'll start using mine. You've inspired me.

Mair said...

Cleveland Woks! Cleveland Woks!

That's all I got.

Butrfly Garden said...

My SIL taught me that Scandinavians drink decaf because coffee is so uberly delicious that they wanted to drink it all the time. So decaf is for night.

And also, as someone who's had to kick their coffee habit for bit...sometimes faking it can be almost as good.

Cherann said...

Your soul is quite crowded!