Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dirty old hoe

I am a gardening geek.
There, I said it.
This time of year, I faithfully inspect my beloved perennials daily- checking what actually survived the winter & what didn't. I'm checking to see if that crazy-looking Inula is popping back up (it is). Ditto the Bee Balm.
I'm weeding and planting, and trimming my bush. Um, I mean...bushes.
Think "Helen the horny housewife" meets "Victory Garden".

My favorite, the bleeding hearts, are starting to bloom.

And the rhubarb is already huge. Anyone need some?
Rhubarb crisp, pie, muffins...mmmm...

Hello, Mr. Snapdragon.
I love you.

Yes, I know. My sappety, sap, sapness about my beloved plants destroys all images you may have of Ms. Whiskeymarie. Gone is the abrasive, pushy, drunk loudmouth. She's been temporarily replaced by a soft-spoken dirty hippie with dirt under her nails.

You tell anyone about this and I'm coming after you.

Happy May Day, Bitches!


Brillig said...

Nope. Never saw you as a gardener. Not that I mind... it just isn't a side I've ever seen here before. :D And I can almost hear the snap dragon telling you he loves back!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

i love plants, but my thumb is brown, brown, brown. thank you for the pictures, i shall live vicariously through you and your lovely perennials.

Joe said...

No, "dirty hippie" is not what you sound like in this post. You're not growing hydroponic weed in your attic, madame. You sound more like the dotty/old British lady who calls her prize fern "Ludwig" and has long conversations with it.

Nice plants, by the way.

thethinker said...

My mom's a gardening geek, too!

I make fun of her all the time. But, I'll be nice to you.