Monday, February 18, 2008

A lot, a little. Some, not so much. Money well spent, money wasted.

This weekend was a blur of eating, cocktails, shopping, musical theater, and knitting fashion shows.
Don't tell me I don't know how to live large.

Saturday we had tickets to this at the Guthrie. I don't think I have both enjoyed and despised a show so much. On one hand, it had Tom Waits songs back to back, a great stage and fabulous lighting and props. On the other hand, it had "musical theater-y" people singing Tom Waits songs and sort of sucking the gravel out of them in a dramatic, "musical theater-y" way.

Meh. It was fine, I guess.

The Mr. took this picture in the lobby of the Guthrie. Good thing he's cute, 'cause he can't take a decent picture to save his life.

The Mississippi river and Mpls NE skyline are the view. In person it's stunning. And I'm standing on a glass floor where you can see four floors down. Scary.

Dinner after was at Cafe Havana, a Cuban-esque restaurant that is located pretty much next door to this place. I bet they have fun neighborhood block parties. We had ceviche, caramelized plantains, slow-roasted pork with rice & beans and avocado-stuffed salmon. They also have these delicious drinkies that are basically a mojito in martini form with a splash of champagne. Mmmm, mmmm, drinkies. We ate ourselves into a food coma.

After dinner, it was getting late, but we decided to make a pit stop at an event that my gal Blondie was working with her boyfriend. He was doing sound for one of the bands, she did makeup for the models for a little runway show they had. it was in a cool old Masonic temple that a family currently lives in. How cool to live in a huge old building with a ballroom, gigantic rooms and all sorts of nooks and crannies? I'm kind of jealous.

Then home, and sleep.

Sunday we had a cheap and (as always) delicious breakfast here. I swear, dive bars have the best breakfasts, and they always make good, cheap bloodies to accompany your eggs & such. Fancy-pants brunches are so overrated. Give me a dive with the stink of Saturday night still lingering in the air anytime. I like my hashbrowns with a touch of trashiness, thank you very much.

Blondie and I went to the MOA for some much needed shopping therapy, and for the second time in my life I found myself trapped in the "place for fun in your life" with hordes of knitting-types there to attend some sort of knitting/crochet conference. How odd. They even had a knitting fashion show where they had models actually walking down a catwalk modeling afghans. Afghans, people. They were modeling blankets. I have never in my life been so disappointed that I forgot my camera, and I swore to myself at that moment that I would get a camera phone. Promise.

Purchases were made, martinis and burgers were forced down our gullets, and a good weekend was had by all.

I'm off work today, but I've got several items on the docket: yoga (done- sitting here still sweaty and gross. Ick.), lunch with my pal Leon, and dinner at a charity event in Mpls with a co-worker tonight. I kind of wish I had nothing to do- a "day off" would be awesome as my next 2-3 weekends are booked solid. I need to catch up on my sloth and magazines.

Maybe next month.

Hope y'all had a nice weekend, my sweaty little hobbits.


wafelenbak said...

File under 'S' for sexy:
1) Tom Waits's gray soul patch
2) Those incredible knee-high pink boots!!

McGone said...

Your boots match your Vodka-and-Vitamin-Water drink from the other day. Way to accessorize, WM.

I'm heading out for lunch now which is sure to be a disappointment after the mention of avocado-stuffed salmon.

Whiskeymarie said...

waflenbak- I totally have a crush on Mr. Waits too. Me-ow.

mcgone- What? You don't match your footwear to your cocktails? Sheesh.

Christa said...

i'd like to add my "i like your boots" to the mix.

Stacey said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Especially the eating parts ;) I've been depriving my butt of any goodies lately. It's gotten out of control.
The highlight of my weekend: Heading to the inflatable bouncy place with kids in tow and running through obstacle courses, climbing inflatable rock walls, slam dunking in the inflatable coliseum with the best of them.
I will never step foot in a gym again. That is the kind of exercise I can get behind. (they actually offer adult fitness classes..I'm so there.)

Idea #527 said...

I too enjoy my hashbrowns with a touch of trashiness!! And that's exactly what I did on Saturday morning! ME WAS HUNGOVER! Who knew I could still stay up drinking until 3am! I didn't! :)


diatribes and dish said...

I love, love, love Cafe Havana. I'm jealous.

TwistedNoodle said...

You look mah-va-lus in that photo. I love the outfit. I'm with another commenter here, my life is dull compared to yours.

Ghost Dansing said...


She moves like she don't care
Smooth as silk, cool as air
Ooh it makes you wanna cry
She doesn't know your name
And your heart beats like a subway train
Ooh it makes you wanna die

you can never hold back spring

Lollie said...

I kinda wish you hadn't told us about the glass floor - I was assuming that your awesomeness gave you the ability to float...thought maybe it also had something to do with the fabulous superhero boots.

Failcooks said...

You are amazing. I've barely changed out of my sweatpants in a week. Well, maybe a couple of times to bathe. SAD hasn't gotten its claws into you, I can see. You're an inspiration, with your pink boots. (If I had winter wear like that, I might consider going out more!)

Fran said...

I have not been here in forever and am glad to be back. However I am also not sure how I feel about musical theatre-y Tom Waits.

I do know how I feel about that rocking photo of you and your city, mojito-tiniesque drinks with champagne and great breakfasts in divey places.

Its all good.

Nocturnal said...

Oooo-la-la, WM rocking in that picture. That view looks amazing, quite the cool place you guys live in.


CDP said...

I too must compliment the boots and the entire ensemble. Well done!

Iheartfashion said...

Great photo, but how did you get my boots?

Candy said...

You look like your floating in that picture. Good job, Mr.

Mommy Lisa said...

I forget about Cafe Havana and those yummy drinkies. I have not been there in AGES!

L Sass said...

Those boots!! They are HOTT.