Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm guessing the F.B.I. has the same picture.

How odd.
I never sent this picture to her, have no idea how she got it. Did you send it? Hmmmmm...?

I guess my beloved lord Clive works in mysterious ways...

Oh, and read her blog.
She funny.
And cute, but we'll let that slide.


abbersnail said...

Lol. That's awesome.

Well, I'm just proud of myself for knowing someone via picture! Makes me feel like I actually KNOW you people. Well done!

You are, by the way, a favorite of mine. Just so's you know.

Butrfly Garden said...

How weird. That would be an awesome picture to have on file with the FBI. Or on your license. Oh by geez, I just realized my fricken license might be expired.

Brillig said...

Wo. That's crazy! How funny!!!!

LittlePea said...

What??? CLive told me I was his one and only. damn.

It is a lovely pic. I've been wanting to change my own profile picture but I forgot how.

ps said...

if you find king bings at target, please tell me.