Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Saturday- put on your blonde Olivia wig and enjoy the best band in the world...ELO. Welcome to Xanadu, my little rollerdisco bootyshakers.


lucy said...

that was quite ethereal. either that or radioactive...what with the purple glowing and all.

i do love me some ELO.

Stacy said...

My HusbandUnit just leaned over to tell me that he saw this in the theatres three times the summer it came out. I have to vomit now.

I love that one of the dancers is wearing a tinky-winky headdress (or is it a dildo strapped to her head?) I can't tell.

The close-up of the flowy jive hand movements also gets me. It's like watching someone sign "I'm trapped and Olivia is a C. U. Next Tuesday" in ASL.

Margie Blystone said...

Oh how that brought back memories... Went to see this movie in Encino, Ca. as a 'youth group' activity... Everyone in the group walked out of the theatre jawing about how much the movie sucked! Me, I just wanted to die my hair blonde, start speaking with an aussie accent, paint album covers on billboards and dance with Gene Kelly. Pretty much labeled me a *geek* forever, but who cares!

Also been a ELO fan for freakin'ever, at least since 'Telephone Lines'... Also saw them in concert back in 1981 - AWESOME!... Going to Youtube now to check me out some more videos... Thanks WM... You rock my leg warmers off!

Flenker said...

Mr. Blue Skies has to be my favorite ELO song, even if it is in like 5 commercials. I refuse to believe that ELfuckinO sold out.

Whiskeymarie said...

I have to think that they don't have control over their material anymore.
God, I hope not.

Hearing ELO in a commercial was only slightly more depressing than hearing TheThe in an m&m's ad.


Rebecca said...

Oh Olivia! As a fellow Aussie I am so PROUD. and was that Demi Mooore I saw????

You must be feeling as lazy as me - I put a music clip up as well - tho nowhere as cool as this one - or are you just too dwunk to rwite coherintely nike me?

Greg said...


...That's all I've got.

Whiskeymarie said...

Rebecca dear-
O.k.- slightly drunk now after a lovely "date night", but not drunk when I posted. And hello- as a blonde Aussie- who is better suited to play Olivia in my off-off-off-broadway play
"Xanadu Gave Me Genital Herpes" than thou?
(Alternate working title: "Olivia and the serpent's rash")


I have Xanadu on DVD and LP.

No one is a bigger fan than I.
And I accept any challenges to the throne with promises of dirty "girl fighting" and "make up" cocktails afterwards.
Don't think I won't elbow you in the nose first, though.

KT said...

Xanadu is coming to Broadway in NYC!!

I'll be one of the first people waiting for tickets! :)

viciousrumours said...

I just watched Xanadu the other night. It was the first album I ever bought with my own money. Cheesy at it's best....

If you think TheThe hocking M&Ms is bad, did you catch the Wendy's "Blister in the Sun" backed hamburger ad? Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Lollie said...

Wait a minute...we didn't have ELO in the background and I know we weren't glowing purple, but dammit, yes! I'm pretty sure I was in that ballet in my 10th grade modern class.

ps - we also didn't explode on the beach in a blast of yellow sunbursts.