Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tagged and monitored for future research, like a wild animal.

I've been tagged again. This time by the other WM, of Because dammit I must blog fame.

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) BlondeMomBlog
2) Bun in the Oven
3) You da Mom
4) Worker Mommy
5) Whiskeymarie

Next, (pay close attention here so you'll know if I have harassed, I mean tagged you) select five people to tag:

Maurey, Kate, Feisty, DDG, Lollie
(Do it if you want. Don't if you don't. No pressure. Just be warned that if you do not carry the meme torch, an angel loses it's wings. pressure.)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
* I was 26, fairly newly married and living in a rented loft apartment in downtown St. Paul. My Mr. was still in school, and I was working retail still but hosting part-time at a nearby restaurant. I felt old and thought (if we were going to do it at all) that I should have a kid by the time I was 30.
I was an idiot. But, our family was putting the pressure on, and I still thought 30 meant you qualified for Social Security and a discount at Perkins, so I thought I would have to.
Have to breed, that is.
Little did I know that with age comes wisdom...

What were you doing 1 year ago?
* Catering my ass off and hating it. I didn't have a class to teach last summer, so I had to find a job & catering was it. I was working a zillion hours a week and exhausted. In my delirium, I actually considered quitting my regular job and buying into the catering company & becoming the primary owner. I thank my lucky stars every day that I came to my senses.
If I hadn't wised up I'd be either in the process of getting divorced or the deed would be done already and I'd be setting up my profile on
"I like romantic dinners, monkeys, laziness, cheese, shopping, cheese, at-home cosmetic procedures, plotting against my enemies and drinking too much wine. My perfect mate would look like Clive Owen and be like Clive Owen. Anyone other than Clive Owen need not apply."

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Wasa Crispbread with Laughing Cow cheese and turkey
2) Jalapeno hummus with honey-wheat pretzel twists
3) Doritos and Top the 'Tater (If you mean enjoy whilst drunkety drunk drunk)
4) High quality dark chocolate
5) Skittles, Starbursts, gummy anything, sprees or any fruity, chewy candy

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:
1) "Tempted" Squeeze
2) "People ain't no good" Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
3) "Doggie Tom" Lords of Acid
4) "Don't stop Believin'" Journey
5) "I wish I never saw the sunshine" Beth Orton

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire: (I am assuming you mean MULTI-millionaire, powerball-style. Hey- a million doesn't go too far these days, that's all I'm sayin'...)
1) Move to Duluth, buy a decent house.
2) Take care of my family and closest friends.
3) Buy a home for a homeless family. (Yes, I really would. Karma is a bitch my friends, and it's best to stay on her good side.)
4) Open another restaurant.
5) Travel, travel, travel.

Five bad habits:
1) Slouching.
2) Sometimes I'm a conversation hog. Oink, oink.
3) Unorganized. Often.
4) I talk fast when I'm nervous. Real fast. Auctioneer-style fast.
5) I don't drink expensive champagne nearly as often as I should.

Five things you like doing:
1) Lazy weekends at home, being mushy with my Mr.
2) Hanging out at restaurants with friends, especially if wine and a nice Antipasti plate are involved.
3) Being nice to people when they least expect it.
4) Now that we have both time and a little money, Traveling.
5) I don't care how shallow this is- dear god, I do love shopping. Of all sorts. ALL sorts.

Five things you would never wear again:
1) Tights/fishnets with short denim shorts and high heeled boots, circa 1991. Hello, hooker school called- you've been accepted!
2) Bike shorts. I remember these were big in the early 90's. NO ONE looks good in these. See #3 for what color I had, besides black.
3) Anything mustard gold.
4) Leggings. I don't care how "hot" they are right now. Not for me.
5) That whole "puffy pirate-y" blouse thing in the early 90's.
5.5) Pretty much anything I wore 1990-1995

Five favorite toys:
1) Electronic Yahtzee, even though I have wasted approximately 4.75 years of my life playing it.
2) Playing "Helen the Horny Housewife"- It's kind of like Pictionary except you don't write anything down and you have to wear stilettos with a frilly apron while you "scrub" the floor.
3) Crossword puzzles (not a toy, but hey- I'm not 8 either)
4) My Kitchenaid mixer, my Cuisinart food processor and blender, and my oven.
5) This:

Everyone should have a tiny accordion to play at home.

It's fun to make up songs...

that make no sense and are accompanied by this little instrument that kind of sounds like a cat in heat when I try to coax beautiful music from it's keys.



metalia said...

Ooh, I love this one; I may have to steal it.

Also, if you ever happen come to NY, can we please go out and perform "Don't Stop Believin'" duet at a karaoke bar?

Whiskeymarie said...

Steal away, my dear, steal away.

Oh hell yes, If I'm in NY we will be putting our karaoke pants on.

Lollie said...

Excuse me while I remove this itchy silver thing from my ear, what the hell...? Uhhh, oh LOOK - it's a tag! Mkay - I'll purge my innards - but only for you Whiskeymarie. You're a funny chic and it's good to try to keep up. That, and I'm bored. Though I might need a sec on the songs.

Stacey said...

Now I would pay money to meet the fruit from the loins of Mrs & Mr Whiskey Marie. Now I don't know much about the Mr. but I gotta think he's pretty kick ass too.
Are you sure you don't want to breed ?

Probably the most entertaining one of these I've read yet.
Thanks for allowing me to tag you like a wild animal.

Butrfly Garden said...

Well, it's a good thing you know it by heart, because Journey won't release the lyrics for Karaoke! Haha, a friend got up to sing Don't Stop Believin' one night and the words didn't show up, so he quit. I sang from my table but refused to get on stage. ;)

Family needs to butt-out on the child-bearing department. It seems so easy when you only have to mail a couple cards a year...let them be the ones to go through LABOR and everything after! The most I ever got from my family was that they "hoped I'd try for one of my own." I did! DIdn't work out like you'd expected, huh!? That wasn't meant to sound so nasty...should I delete it? No. That's not my style.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm a fast-talker too, sometimes the kids at school look at me like I'm nuts.

Also? That accordion looks like crazy fun.

LittlePea said...

Good meme.

I have a really embarrassing picture of myself and my sister in one of those pirate blouses yech!

Sugar Kane said...

Buy a home for a homeless family. How thoughtful. Why can't I ever think of things like that?

Mustard gold? The name alone is horrible!

Metalia said...

Okay, I posted my answers!