Friday, June 29, 2007

From days of yore.

I have no good stories today, and I'm frantically trying to get some shit done as we are going to Duluth this weekend for various family and kid b-days. All I've accomplished so far is:
  • sleeping in
  • few loads of laundry
  • um...does looking at the flowers in my garden count?
  • how about eating oatmeal?
For lack of imagination today, I thought I'd pull a few random-ish photos from the Whiskeymarie vault and post them with my recollections of the story behind them, or stuff I'll make up to make them more interesting.
My post, my rules, kiddos.

This was from maybe 1976-77(?) when me, my sister and a bunch of the neighbor kids decided to have a parade down our road. We donned our Halloween costumes (that would be me- batgirl, on the right. My sis is Wonder woman- bitch got all the good costumes) and we got one of the neighbors to lead the way with his tractor.

Problem is, almost no one knew of our grand parade, and I think the only people that came out to watch were our Moms.

We really should have had a committee plan this thing out beforehand.

This is best explained here.

Note my Mom: smoke and a cup of coffee.

Note: the 1978 kitchen decor. Nice oil lamp.

I call this one:
"Pat Benetar and her white trash family with macrame" circa 1984

Like my pants? Awesome belt.

My dad looks like he works 3rd shift at the hot dog factory.

I'm just wondering why there is no plant in the planter.

Oh, and that's my gal D. She's tall, she played volleyball. That's my one poem for the day.

This was before me & the Mr. were married (so, like 23 years ago) when we decided to take a road trip to Graceland.
I was obsessed with going to the bowling museum in St. Louis on the way, and here I am.
They had a car shaped like a bowling pin and quilts made of bowling shirts. I wanted to move in, but instead bought a t-shirt.

This was the same road trip where we ended up driving 30+ hours without sleep. Long story for another time.
*I just noticed how freighting my pallor appears here. Thank you Mr. scanner. I'm actually not a zombie, lest anyone be confused. Though, I did try brains once. They tasted brainy.

This next one here is of a donkey that came up to our car window when we were lost in the Black Hills on a different road trip years later to Mt. Rushmore.

You will note that the donkey is being attacked by a light-saber wielding Jedi.
My Mr. had received this geektacular camera as a gift- it superimposed various Star Wars characters onto your cherished memories, creating a futuristic and not at all nerdy effect.

Half of our pictures from this trip look like this, with varying masters of the force on them. The Corn Palace really looks space-age with Princess Amadala hanging out there.

Yup. I married him.

So there you go for today.
Yes, you should be disappointed with the lameiocity of this post.
Too bad. I've got 3 hours worth of shit to do, and about 45 minutes to do it.

Maybe I'll see one of my Duluth blogger girls this weekend...
I'll be in Canal Park tonight, and out somewhere tomorrow, just don't know where.

Have a good weekend, my little chocolate-coated graham crackers.


aging new waver said...

I was in the parade too. I was a lamb...not figuratively. I was really a lamb. It was my costume from our 2nd grade Christmas Pageant. Gross.


Whiskeymarie said...

We should totally make replica costumes and wear them when we do the rummage sale.
I can't believe I don't remember you being there...I think the heat from walking in the sun in tights and a long-sleeved leotard fried my brain that day.

abbersnail said...

I. Love. The donkey picture. So much so that it is now my computer's wallpaper.

Also, I was in many a parade growing up. And there were also many events involving costumes. If I can find them, I'll post the pictures of my 16th birthday, wherein every one of my friends put on a costume in our "dress-up box." Yeah. We were cool.

Butrfly Garden said...

hahaha...great pictures. and stories.

I was chasing my brother around the house with a giant wood thing (we used it to "lock" the sliding door) (yes, I was going to hit him with it). He went in the bathroom and slammed the door shut and for some reason, I thought hitting the door with the wood instead seemed like a great idea. It left a HUGE hole. We agreed we were both to blame and placed it all on my sister - who was, like, two. Ole Mom was none-the-wiser! And that little brat got away with everything, anyway.

Next week sometime, you email me your Duluth hotel and restaurant recommendations. The man and I are planning on taking advantage of the fact that the kids are kidnapped to live in the ghetto two weekends a month and he's never been. But I went there with my ex - I'd much rather say the places were recommended by WhiskeyMarie. ;) thx!

Butrfly Garden said...

Oops, I'm not ordering you around, that was supposed to say "WOULD you email me...?"

H said...

The donkey picture is AWESOME. And I think I will make it my background picture, as well. It's fabulous. I want one of those cameras. Except with Sesame Street characters, so my friends and I can get drunk at the bar with Ernie or Grover.

Lollie said...

Wow. We lived in the same house but with different occupants.

And I love, love, love the old, faded, slightly blurry, round-cornered photos. We all had the same camera with the same film back then.

That donkey shit is hilarious...I am NOT showing it to my guy. He'll seek one out on eBay and I'll never have a normal picture again.

Flenker said...

I wish there would've been kids around to have a parade when I was growing up. Instead, my brother and I just ran around outside, pretending to be different sports cars.

What a wonderful reflective post!

Ken said...

nice pics.

also, hi.

Kara said...

Your parade looks so festive! My kids had a similar parade for Fourth of July last year. They marched around with balloons tied to their ponytails shouting "America! America!" Not the song, just the words. Surprisingly, none of the neighbors showed up...

Stefanie said...

During my road trip to Columbus last week, my travel companions suggested future trips both to Graceland and Mount Rushmore. If the former actually happens, I am definitely adding this alleged bowling museum to the itinerary.

Christa said...

i'm not sure if i can adequately convey my love of the jedi slash donkey action. i'd have to lick the computer screen to really get my point across.

metalia said...

The concept of the Star Wars character camera is in and of itself hilarious. The resultant donkey-attacking Jedi picture, however, has me literally spitting out Fresca on my laptop.

What?! Fresca is awesome.

Rebecca said...

your 1970's family photos look so similar to mine...why you'd think they were taken in the same decade or something...der.

Gawd - I woulda been so MAD if my sister had gotten the wonder woman costume and I'd had to wear must still resent her. (I have lots of great devastating revenge ideas for bossy siblings...just email me at if you need some ideas!)

nancypearlwannabe said...

I REALLY need that Star Wars camera. Ebay? Call me.

LittlePea said...