Monday, February 26, 2007

The slow descent into crazyland - a.k.a: re-living your teenage years.

You know your weekend was dull - public access school board roundtable-discussion dull, when the highlight of the last two days was shoveling. I found myself with the weekend I usually get a little hot & bothered over- snowbound, no obligations- but I had NO new magazines, NO new books, crappy cable and NO desire to invent my own fun.

I think I scared Mr. Whiskeymarie a little when he kept finding me sitting on the couch- staring at nothing. And talking to myself.

No, wait, there was another high point: eating not one, not two, but THREE bowls of sugary cereal in one sitting (2 bowls Coco puffs, one Frankenberry).

Oh, and I played about 27 rounds of Frogger. Old-school, Atari-style Frogger.

Basically, I spent my weekend the exact same way I would have 20 years ago, in the glory days of my teenage years. Stuck at home (except then it was in the middle of nowhere), nothing to do but eat crap, play Atari and watch network t.v. The only difference between then & now is that then I would have been staring at the Dead or Alive and Adam Ant posters on my wall worrying that they were watching me back*.

*To this day, I still flip magazines over if I think whoever is on the cover is "watching me". Nutjob? Yes, I know.

Now we may have another snowy weekend coming up. And I have Thursday & Friday off (yes, I know- I work very little. I am one happy, spoiled brat that way). I need to find something to do or things are going to get a little Steven King/Shining around here.

Or, maybe I'll become the all-time Frogger high scorer. Who's the loser now? Huh?

I am such a dork.


T said...

Better lay in a supply of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Whiskeymarie said...

Luckily, that is the one sugary cereal I am immune to. Never liked it- never will. Peanut butter Cap'n Crunch is more my speed. That & golden grahams...and fruity pebbles...and honeycomb...and...

Failcooks said...

House-made sushi, pizza, and video games?

If you add some alcohol to the equasion, it would seem to me that you had a PERFECT weekend.

Shannon Erin said...

I once played an 8-hour game of Joust with my best friend. We were 20. It was awesome.