Sunday, February 18, 2007

baked goods and Baywatch

So far, this has been a near-perfect Sunday. Gray & cloudy (the way I like it- really) and quiet as the spouse has been gone with the boys on a sports-related, kind of gay weekend involving mustaches and North Dakota. I've baked banana muffins & am in the process of baking bread- I can be achingly domestic when I set my mind to it.

The best part of my day, however, does not involve carbohydrates.
It involves Court T.V, and the best show on it:

Beach Patrol!

Drunk, scantily-clad kids + Beach cops & lifeguards = hours of entertainment.

So far, it has been on for 2&1/2 hours. I feel like I've entered a never-ending buffet of guilty pleasure. My favorite incident so far is a toss up- Is it the drunk 17-year old bikini-clad girl who, when informed the cops were calling her parents proceeded to insult the cops & throw things...or is it the two guys playing beach volleyball that ran into each other, somehow breaking one of their legs so badly the bone was sticking out of a HUGE gaping wound? Who can choose?

Boobs, frat boys, crazy homeless people, jellyfish, fat guys in speedos, thin guys in speedos, beer bongs and fights...oh my.

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