Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stagnant. Like a steaming, fetid swamp.

"February is the season of small sorrows when everyone feels middle-aged even if you are 16" - Garrison Keillor

So, if how I spent my precious free time here on earth last weekend is any indication, I need something to occupy my idle hands. Something beyond clutching the remote in one hand and scratching my ass with the other (I'm a rightie).

I know people who happily fill every second of their day with appointments, work, workouts, volunteering, a quick manicure, offspring, producing community theater and driving for meals-on-wheels.

I have never been, nor will ever be, that person. I laugh at that person.

Sucker! I slept ten hours last night (actually, 8-1/2, but I laid in bed for a while for no good reason), spent an hour watching "Ellen", ate a leisurely breakfast, worked out (but only after a cup of caffeine and not every day), then showered but didn't wash my hair. Then, I'll work for 6-8 hours, go home, watch t.v. a bit & go to bed by 11:30 so as not to miss out on my daily 9-10 hrs. of zzzs.


The joy of sloth aside, I need a little more. But only a little.

So, I have decided that I will do one thing each week that is new to me, and will make people say, "That Whiskeymarie, what an interesting girl! How does she ever find time to lead a Girl Scout troop, make needlepoint pillows for her friends, create art from discarded ink cartridges AND run for Congress? She's a real go-getter."

Go-getting or not, this week I think I'll start with the needlepoint, or something only slightly more challenging- we're talking baby steps here, people. No need to get crazy.

I'll keep you posted, unless I oversleep & forget.


T said...

Yes, yes, I know I am that laugh-worthy person to which you refer, or at least one of them. Package up that scoffing, tie it with a bow and give it to me for Christmas next year. My tightly-wound do-gooder ass deserves it.

For the record, Mr. Whiskeymarie's hot older brother laughs at me, too.

Whiskeymarie said...

But really, I'm laughing at my own lazy ass more.
Mr. WM laughs at everyone- but mostly me, if it's any consolation.