Friday, February 9, 2007

testoserone, schmestosterone.

I work in a pretty male-dominated field. Generally, I'm o.k. with this. Well, except for the time just after I started working there when one of my cherished co-workers asked: "Well, you're not going to go and get pregnant now, are you?"

Yes, I know this is inappropriate. I get it.

But, I dish it as well as I take it, so...(mind you, said co-worker is less than svelte on a good day) I said no but asked him what his due date was.

He tries to stay on my good side now.

Like I said, I'm o.k. working around this. Except when I know I'm being shut out because I'm a girl. That shit pisses me off.

The couple of guys that I work with on a daily basis & myself have gone out for a beer or two after work, on occasion. We share a sort of solidarity as we are all fairly new to our jobs - we sort of work as a team.
I know it's high school of me, but they went out a few nights ago & didn't ask me with, and my feelings are hurt. They didn't try to hide it from me- they thought I would be working late, so they didn't bother asking. They've been real "buddy-buddy" lately and I feel like the girl at the dance with the club foot and wandering eye. No one slow-dances to "every rose has it's thorn" with that girl.

I didn't work late, and had they bothered to ask...Hmmmm.

I hate how clueless men are sometimes.

I hate how much of a whiny GIRL I can be, sometimes.
(my sincere apologies to whiny girls everywhere)

Damn you, breasts, vagina and estrogen!

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