Monday, December 29, 2008


On a scale of 1-10 I'd give this christmas a 4, maybe 4.5.

Good, not great.

I ate a lot, drank a lot, opened presents and was halfway naked in a hot tub. So, yeah. The usual.
The usual, except kind of lackluster, and at times- frustrating and irritating.

If this christmas was a TV show, I'd say it was like the last two seasons of The Love Boat- still marginally good, but kind of "forced" and with d-list instead of b-list celebrities. When Julie the Cruise director was replaced with "Judy" the cruise director they lost me. Sure, you still have Issac & Gopher, but where's the Julie? WHERE'S THE JULIE????

But...ahem. I digress.

To sum up- christmas? Meh, with a side of woo-hoo, a dash of bah and a smidge of neat-o.

If you haven't noticed, I've been avoiding the com-pu-tor as I'm just not feeling it at the moment. I'm still kind of sick and my head feels like it's filled with that jell-o with the fruit cocktail and cool whip in it that is slowly working it's way out of my body via my nose.

I have to kind of "build up" to regular posting again. Plus, I didn't take any pictures of christmas stuff. Not one. You KNOW how I like photographic documentation of my mediocre life. I'll blame it on being sick, tipsy, apathetic or lazy- take your pick.

I'm going to go now and find what's left of the cookies and shove them into my face. I think a little sugar will get me motivated to- you know, bathe and pull my ass off the couch. Then I'll try and do something interesting to entertain y'all with. Maybe I'll do something crazy, like PUT ON PANTS.

Happy Monday, my apathetic little gelatanous blobs of holiday fun. Happy Monday.


Oh, and I'm updating my links this week (long overdue). Some of you have gone private, so if that changes let me know & I'll move you from the bookmarks back to the link list. Some others have gone private & I'm not "on the list", so to speak. I can take a hint. Whatever.
If I remove anyone that I shouldn't, let me know.


Talk With No Thought said...

christmas is soooo four days ago and i'm glad it's over. love it, but i'm glad it's over. now i just have to figure out how the hell i gained 17.5 pounds in 1 week. stoopid christmas.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Sorry you're still not well.

Hope you are much better for the New Year!!


Bubs said...

Good to see you around again. Sorry you're not feeling your best.

As for me, I'm just biding my time until January first when I can immediately rid this house of any sign that the holidays even occurred. They were nice and all, but I'm just done with it.

Gwen said...

Me and you? We're living the dream, baby, living the dream. I say we go "No Pants Til '09!" You can even sing it to the tune of "No Sleep Til Brooklyn." C'mon! You know you want to. I'm doing it. Chicken.

Kim said...

You couldn't have described my feelings about this Christmas any better. Not bad, just not...anything to write home about. Or write blog about, as the case may be. I literally finished putting away our lame decorations minutes ago and it's making me feel better already. The rest of this week I plan on whipping this shithole of a house into tip top shape so I can go back to work with clear mind and soul. I swear, the house is in danger of collapsing under its own detrius and that doesn't bode well for my mental stability.
I hope you have a nice relaxing, soul-cleansing week too.

i am playing outside said...

you keep me and i'll keep you. lets tango ;)

Suze said...

And by mumum's I meant MuMu's. Mumums is the sound of me feeding my pie hole the past month.

Suze said... can still fit in pants? Mumum's for '09 is what I say.

Dr Zibbs said...

Which part was naked? No let me guess. ..uh......the left side?

diatribes and dish said...

I'll be back! I promise! Just don't forget about me. The galloping paranoia re: work posts is the cause for my temporary "private" status, so I need to do some editing. Hope you feel better soon.

Whiskeymarie said...

d&d- I just moved you to my bookmarks- no worries! Keep me posted...

Wide Lawns said...

I hope you feel better. In the meantime I have a request. Cat pictures.

CDP said...

I hope you're better soon. Happy New Year!

Stacey said...

Oh dear, I feel kind of weird when the ivory to my Ebony is around on a regular basis.

So hurry back. Or not...I guess I kinda get the "not feelin' the computer" thing.

So yeah, take some you time.

Love and sloppy kisses,

Lollie said...

Yeah, right there with you...just kind of meh. We have company coming - the decorations stay up until 12th night. Then good riddance.

Stacey said...

Aah fark...I meant to say when the ivory to my Ebony "isn't" around.

But you probably got it anyway.

You're a smart like that.

Chiada said...

I'm feelin' ya. Ho hum, indeed. Life has been one big movie-thon for me lately. For the past month I've done nothing but go to work and hibernate at home, doing laundry and watching movies. That's it. Not even cooking or gardening or reading or anything else I like to do. It's the pits, I tell ya. Well, here's to hoping we both perk up a bit! (Of course, we can poop in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up first!)

diatribes and dish said...

OK, I'm back up. No new posts though, so you know whatevs.

My Christmas was blah, too. My mind even wandered when I was telling someone about it and unwittingly offended my Mr. by describing his family as " ....uh, you know, uh, boring."

Giggle Pixie said...

Ho-hum, indeed. I couldn't have described it better.

MommasWorld said...

Um Yeah, who ordered the side of Um ok and Neat-o to Christmas this year? I didn't even start shopping for Christmas until the Week OF! I was exhausted wrapping gifts until 1 AM Christmas Eve and almost completly blew it for my 9 yr old who still believes!! Thank goodness she was still asleep when I woke up at 9AM instead of 3 AM to put the Santa presents under the tree and fill the stockings!

Seriously, what child who still belives in Santa doesn't wake up at the butt crack of dawn to tear into the presents??? Christmas was a bit off for everyone this year I guess.

I did have a great time hanging Sheet Rock and picking on my sister at my parents house while her soon to be fiance laughed with me. That was GREAT! Oh and the new Man met my Parents...again after 20 some years and met my children for the first time. It was all casual since I insisted that we do a pasta Spagetti (cannot spell) instead of the lavish dinner party my parents wanted. So nice to be so comfortable and slurp noodles full of sauce through your teeth and eat garlic bread :-) ha!

WendyB said...

You said "Cool Whip." So now I have an excuse to walk around saying "Cool Hwip" a la Family Guy for a few minutes.

dguzman said...

I think a lot of people grow up to find that xmas is just kinda "meh" once you're no longer a kid. Once you start actually asking for practical gifts--I asked for kitchen cannisters, for pete's sake--you know that xmas is just some presents and some booze. And a whole lotta winter. Meh.

John said...

Just FYI -

The 'Ho-Ho-Hum' WM Christmas post is now with child.

That is all.

Step Right Up said...

My trek back home for the holidays confirmed my belief that I have maybe 2 friends left in my hometown. There were BIG plans to get together and when the date and time occurred several of them didn't show up or even call though one did text literally 2 minutes prior to the event. Haven't heard from the no shows or texter since. I get home and see on facebook that two of the no shows met up with other friends instead. Wow. I feel special. At least my family still gets excited to see me when I come home.