Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Information, innuendo, inconsequential.

Since I was double-teamed this week by Red and Poobomber, I thought I'd just give in and take it like a woman. I am nothing if not game for a good time.


A meme- one word questions and my not-one-word answers.

Trust me- I've got nothing else today, and I'm pretty sure you aren't interested in seeing the video I took of Trouble playing with his favorite "jingly" toy, or another post about paint and all things paint-related.

Clothes: For every day, I'm a well-fitting (read: tight enough to hug my booty, not so tight I look like a kielbasa) jeans kind of gal. Boot cut, low riding. You will generally find me pairing them with a white, black or gray top of some sort and sturdy black boots or my Nike Jana XO tenners (I have 4 pairs in different colors). I'm obsessed with gray sweaters, and in the Fall/Winter I love knit hats and scarves. I'd rather layer lots of light pieces than wear one bulky one, usually. When I'm going anywhere but work, I like to add in color, usually in the form of a fabulous, bright vintage jacket or purse. I definitely have my own style, for whatever that's worth, and I am obsessed with proportion when it comes to clothes. You can pull of some fucked up ensembles as long as the proportion is spot-on. Going out, even if it's just a day out shopping, all bets are off- bright dresses, heels, some of my amazing jewelery collection, a vintage piece or two, a great jacket, and at least one thing no one expects, but not all of these at once. The older I get, the more I learn about the power of restrained quirkiness. And, the more I learn about loving my body the way it is and dressing for it.

2. Furniture: Finally, it is all going to be stuff I specifically picked out, for my house, with my vision in mind, rather than (still pretty great) hand-me-downs/thrift/garage sale that I've "made do" with. It's still going to be a while, but I am so excited to finish remodeling/redecorating that I could pee a little. I have no one favorite piece of furniture, usually, but right now I'm having very inappropriate thoughts about my new couch, such is my infatuation. It's casual and slouchy but still "put together". The clunky but awesome metal accent chair that I've had forever is pretty great too. You'll get pictures soon, don't worry.

Sweet: Gummi bears (really, gummi whatever, I'm not picky. Gummi penis? Sure. Gummi mice embryos? I'll give it a whirl.), also: anything "custardy", good homemade chocolate layer cake with real whipped cream, Yumyums, and salted caramel chocolates.

City: San Francisco, Duluth, Claxton, St. Paul when I'm in a good mood.

5. Drink: Boozy: White wine (Sancerre and Italian whites are my favorite), a nice dry martini, Champagne. Non- boozy: Green tea, non-flavored bubbly water, Fountain Coke, Yak milk.

Music: All of it, none of it. Usually, I prefer quiet, but when I'm in the mood, I'm all over the map, from Slim Whitman to Lords of Acid to Bread to Old punk rock to ELO to Duran Duran to KMFDM to whatever. Usually just singing to the cats is enough for me.

TV Series: Arrested Development (best EVER), The Office (both versions), Extras, The Wire, Home Movies, Curb your enthusiasm, The Simpsons, Deadwood, Lockdown, Forensic Files, Matlock.

Film: Pi, Sixteen Candles, Sophie's Choice, Cheerleader Camp.

Workout: Getting out of bed, usually. If I'm actually putting in effort, I prefer doing things outside: long walks, biking, hiking. If I'm feeling fat and I'm stuck indoors: Kickboxing, yoga, competitive nacho eating.

Pastries: Well-made almond croissants. Also: macaroons, and a pastry called the "creme brulee danish" from a bakery in S. Minneapolis called "The Baker's Wife." It's exactly what it sounds like, and it will make you tingly in your nether regions, it's so damn good.

Coffee: Black, strong, and usually one cup too many. On rare occasions: Skim Latte, sometimes iced. No sugar, EVER.

Also, a few items, in no particular order, that I think should be added to some random list, somewhere:
  • Prunes
  • boy shorts or thongs
  • only that one time in College
  • oatmeal
  • feet
  • roller coasters
  • Oral
  • medium rare steak
  • cashmere
  • goat cheese
  • steamed pork dumplings
Done. There you go. More than you wanted to know, as usual. Just thank your lucky stars I didn't include pap smear highlights or "my favorite skin conditions".

I tag no one- we all know by now that this is where memes go to die. I bury them in my back yard in a lovely little ceremony and I mark the grave with my own urine. It is very solemn and touching, trust me.

Happy Wednesday, my memey little coffee cakes. Happy Wednesday.



Katrin said...

What is it with you Americans that you do things "only once in college"? Funny tradition, I don't get it.

And I don't know any of your music, tv-shows and movies. I feel so lame. If you want something lame from Vienna you better tell me your address. (I sound so charming today, don't I?)

H said...

Aren't all penis's gummi?

Dr Zibbs said...

I've been watching Curb Your Enth. all weekend on DVD and I love it!

H said...

Arrested Development, The Office and my other fav Absolutely Fabulous are the best shows EVAH!!

Angela in St. Paul said...

"Only once in college" is secret code for "I've done it a million times but I don't want you to think I'm a slut (or bisexual or a criminal), so I'll tell you I did it only once, during those 'experimental' years, so you won't think poorly of me."


kirby said...

You know what they say, once in college-you're just curious, twice- you're a pervert.

EmBee said...

C'mon, you KNOW you're just waiting for another tag!

Kim said...

Every so often we watch an episode of Arrested Development on FX or whatever weird channel it comes on and then get really depressed it was cancelled. I don't understand how there is the utter crap that there is on TV, yet brilliant shows like that always get the ax. I love both Offices too, and Ab Fab, which makes me think I'm starting to have a thing for all things BBC.

Sornie said...

You had me at Arrested Development but lost me at matlock. I had no idea you lived in a nursing home.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Mmmmmmm, grave marking urine, mmmmmmm.

Red said...

We can totally watch TV together (yay _Arrested Development_) and eat sweets, but our movies only sort of overlap.

But if you have the right sweets around I'll probably watch whatever.

BallerinaToes said...

One word: Hoopleheads. I love Deadwood. I think I've seen every episode three times. So sad it's gone.

pistols at dawn said...

All I can say about this list is that Baby, I'ma Wantcha even more than before.

However, the lack of whiskey from your favorite boozes make me think that maybe we weren't meant to be after all.

Whiskeymarie said...

God, how did I forget whiskey? I LOVE whiskey. Maybe my love of whiskey is exactly why I forgot...

Gwen said...

I became a happy woman when I learned to dress and love my body the way it is.

(BTW, I know it was waaay more than one time in college. Don't try to lie to me.)

Mel O said...

MMMMM.... salted caramel chocolates! Yum.

I don't know if you're a Starbucks kind of gal (for some reason I'm guessing No?) but if you feel like skipping a meal for the most amazing hot chocolate you've ever had in your LIFE, try the new Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate. It is absolutely to DIE FOR!

Whiskeymarie said...

MelO- That hot chocolate looks delicious- I don't know if I could enjoy it though, knowing that it has 24 GRAMS OF FAT in it.

O.k, I'm lying. I totally could.

Mel O said...

Lol... i know, i know. Maybe I actually need to skip TWO meals when ordering one of these :)

Honestly? A girlfriend of mine works part time at Starbucks and made me one as a treat. I orgasmed-I mean! I mean!- I enjoyed it immediately and made her promise not to tell me how many calories/fat it contains. That little bitch told me she wouldn't tell me how much but that I may as well have a Big Mac. x(

Admittedly, I had no problem finishing the drink even after I knew :D and it was DEEEEEElicious!

T.J. said...

Your description of your coffee sealed the deal.

Oh, but change the 'skim latte' to a quad cap (but you got the no sugar ever part right.

Oh, and we totally need to watch the Simpsons together sometime.


Mojito said...

I've been forced to tag you. I deeply apologize. Thank you for your time.

domboy said...

What is it that makes goat cheese so good? I'm glad whiskey got added eventually. I was worried I lost a soul-mate for a second there.

hoosierdad said...

ramble ramble random random et cetera et cetera

Stacey said...

Dude, I totally did a meme today too. And that is not like me. Memes usually make me dry heave.

But look at us. Aren't we a pair ?

Kim said...

I received my Whiskey mail today and dare I say it was the best thing that has happened to me all week! Thank you, you rock my socks! It sort of made me sad to know somebody so cool lives so freaking far away, but if you ever decide to take a trip down here, I'm a very good tour guide. The weather right now is what I moved here for - 40's at night, 60's during the day. But I know not of these other SC bloggers you speak of - I would love to know there are cool people in this state. Because after a year here, I haven't seen much evidence of that so far.
Thank you for the owl pin - it's already on my denim jacket!

Slyde said...

a chick whos into Deadwood and Arrested Development?

Will you marry me?

Poobomber said...

With a laundry list like that, I bet your husband high fives everyone at work when your name comes up?