Friday, September 28, 2007

My belly be warm from liquor, my buns be cold from...well, the cold.

I almost forgot- I'll be in Duluth tomorrow & Sunday!

If any of my D-town peeps (you like how I used the "urban vernacular" so gosh darned eloquently?) happen to see me wandering drunkenly down 1st Street tomorrow night, just try and keep the drunken hobos from dragging me away and impregnating me. That would be great- thanks. I have no interest in living upstairs from the Cozy (does the Cozy still exist?) with my new life partner, One-tooth Gary.

Do yourselves a favor and do something completely out of character this weekend. Just for fun.

I plan on speaking with a French accent all day tomorrow whilst wearing comfortable shoes.

How about you...?

Until Sunday, or whenever I get around to putting together a weekend recap-

Have an uncharacteristic and lovely fall weekend, my little nubbins of chocolate-dipped crickets.




Nature Girl said...

Oh that sounds like fun! Have a drink for me. I'm going to do someting uncharacteristic and NOT drink this weekend.
Have a good one.

Disco and Dexter - Friends at Best said...

word to your motha

Nocturnal said...

Enjoy the trip and have fun you guys.


kimmyk said...

chocolate dipped crickets? whaa?

i hope you had a good weekend. mine has been good so far. off to get a massage in an hour....

Stefanie said...

I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a dress I will likely wear only once. I'd call that out of character for me... not as fun as your weekend, probably, but shopping rarely involves getting impregnated by drunken hobos, so I figure that's a plus, anyway.

LittlePea said...

Have fun-well it's already Sunday so it's too late to say that. But have fun anyway. Let us know how the French accent worked out.

Rebecca said...

mmm - a bit off topic - but your french accent reminded me that when my sister and I were about ten we would speak together in a fake foreign language whenever we were out in public. And we'd do this very loudly and obnoxiously, convinced that everyone was so imressed with out cosmopolitaness!

Whiskeymarie said...

Stacie- I had fourteen, in your honor. You're welcome.

Nic- That's so wack.

Nocturnal- Done and did. Too much.

Kimmyk- They're kind of crunchy, but mmmmmm...chocolatey.

Stefanie- Yay for impractical purchases! Hobo babies are overrated anyways.

Ms Pea- Not so good. I think it came off as not so much "french and cultured" as it was "crazy and borderline retarded"

Rebecca- We did the same thing! We were so bad at it though- I'm guessing that no one else found it nearly as amusing as we did.