Wednesday, July 16, 2008


To hell with it- I'm going shopping. I'll be back later.

Can I get you anything?


poobomber said...

You can help me with my shopping list:


Monistat helps you grow yeast in your own kitchen doesn't it? I have a craving for sandwiches on fresh bread.

I might be wrong on this whole bread baking process, I have no idea. Look, maybe just pick me up some Q-tips instead. Thanks in advance!

Dr Zibbs said...

I'll take a zuchini, a slab of liver and a lawn chair

McGone said...

"Did you get me my Cheez Whiz, boy?"

Name the movie, win my heart.

Mel O said...

wm; a stack of hundred dollar bills would truly be perfection! thanks, hon!

mcgone; I want to answer sooo bad! but it's just TOO easy for me...ya know, being a Chicagoan and all! ;)

wafelenbak said...

Psssht, groceries? You people have no imagination!
I would like some pretty, fancy-pants beaded flip flops...something comfortable, a size 8M.
Also, a new bedroom set, and coordinating area rug. I trust your judgement. :)

Mommy Lisa said...

I am good, got Simon Delivers coming for the second to last - or maybe last time.


I could use a new pair of ballet flats...maybe something sparkly in size 7.5?

Brillig said...

Uh... yeah! Get me... everything!

surviving myself said...

If you see some Dignity please get me some.

That was way more depressing sounding then I meant it to be.

Sornie said...

Hell yeah! The better question would be what NOT to buy. I could use some extra, good beer for this weekend (I just bought a case of Miller High Life light -- slumming it). I could also use every baby item in existence in preparation for November.

CDP said...

Jury duty pays pretty well!

Siana said...

Diet Coke.
Strippers (no fake tits)

Gretta said...

I just need something to go with all the shoes I just bought.

And goddammit WM - I thought you were taking a blog-cation?! Now I'm totally behind on my reading.

Lollie said...

Darn it - you could've saved me a trip to Target. I just purchased Granny Panties (5 for $15!) and an XXL lightweight robe for the hospital.

I swear to you - I look like a freakin' Goddess right now...

L Sass said...

I need a microwave and a coffee maker. You can just drop them off at my parents' house in Plymouth. Thanks!

gorillabuns said...

Yep, I could use some toilet paper.

Perfectly Shelly said...

A monkey. It can't bite, and must be potty trained.


Stacey said...

Yes for sure, I need some spandex leopard print pants, some high top reeboks and tons of Aqua Net.

T said...

A bra that makes my boobs look like yours.

Whiskeymarie said...

poo- I got flour, sugar...and I forgot the rest. And yes- Monistat is what you need to "bake bread", or more accurately- to NOT "bake bread".

Zibbs- Dinner's at your house then? I love zucchini & liver hot dish. Yum.

McGone- I don't like the Blues Brothers, but I'll gladly share a jar of the whiz with y'all.

Melo- I had your stack o' bills, but then I accidentally spent it. I knew you'd understand.

wafelenbak- Any reason to buy shoes and new furniture. Happy to oblige.

mommy- I could start mailing you my leftovers, if that helps.

Brillig- I got you two puppies, a parakeet and a monkey- I figured you have nothing but time these days.

Surviving- I would get some for you, but as I've never had any I wouldn't know what I was looking for. Don't they sell that on Amazon?

sornie- I bought cheap wine- will that do?

cdp- yeah, that $20/day is burning a hole in my pocket.

gretta- I'll get you a black market baby. I hear they go with everything, darling.

CC Barfly- I think this is a list I can manage- but if I score some vicodin you KNOW I'm keeping it for myself. Ask nice and maybe I'll share.

lollie- I think you're confused. This isn't a porn blog, you dirty, dirty bird! Mmmm...granny panties.

I Sass- If you don't mind a 12 year-old Oster coffeemaker and a microwave that may or may not work, then they're all yours! Just let me know where to drop them off...

gbuns- There you go again, livin' it up. WooHoo! Want some paper towels too? How about kleenex? I hope you won't be disappointed that I bought you a sparkly g-string instead.

perfectly shelly- I bought us matching non-biting monkeys at the monkey store. I get "Mr. Spittles" and you get "Lil' Miss Shitthrower"

WM- I get them, but only if you sign the form that states that you will wear them, photograph yourself wearing them, and post said picture on you blog.

maurey- What? With all of that Vic's Secret stuff you buy you're telling me that they don't have one called "Whiskey's awesome boobs bra?" Dang. I'm writing a letter- this is a travesty.

Gwen said...

Just get yourself one ticket to STL and then drinks are on me.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Get me a six pack of some lemony beer.

Suze said...

I'd like some Kool Aid and pretzels. It just seems like one of the days.

Miss Awesome said...

A big mac please. And maybe some cake.


EmBee said...

Um ya, I need a new dress for a wedding in 2 1/2 weeks... I simply dread the process of dressing rooms and the trying on of clothes... Too big, too tight, ugly, shlumpy, ick and no way. Can you locate something for me in a size 16 that'll make me look like a size 6?
Thanks, you're a doll!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa!!!!

I thought I....Moe...was supposed to get YOU a cocktail!?!?!

Renaissance Woman said...

I would like some cherry Kool Aid please. And a great comfy rug for my living room. Thanks.

Grant Miller said...

Is that what Internet money looks like?