Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stresscaine is a powerful drug...

I start work again next week. I already know that y'all don't feel one bit sorry for my "off for much of the summer" ass. I get it. But now I'm swamped in last-minute preparations and such. Plus, the stress level at work has risen to Plus 3,589% in the past week or so- a fact which has not left me unscathed.
The recipe for this past week: Start with last-minute worries of complete job loss, add in "unstable" humans (being uncharacteristically nice here, not referring to myself for once), sprinkle on a last-minute class to set up basically from scratch, stir vigorously then set on fire. Viola!

Bubs understands my situation. He thinks that maybe some human-doggy makeout action would help me feel better. Here he is giving me his "Baby, you know you want a piece of this" look. Sorry Bubs, you're only like 16 in human years and I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
*Just kidding. I totally make out with him all the time.

Maybe some ice cream would help?
When the Mr. asked me the other night if I wanted some ice cream, I said yes, but "only a little, little, little bit." I stressed the little, simply because normally "a bit" or "not too much" for him means that I'm getting a bucket of ice cream with a shovel to eat it with. I really only wanted a little.

He's such a smartass:

He called it an "amuse bouche", which was pretty clever for an engineer. I guess all the "Top Chef" is wearing off on him.
Amused or not, I still made him get me more.

What do you get when you take an occasionally neurotic and skittish kitty and add in an imaginary whatever that you can't see but she can and it's totally freaking her out? (again, a warning: grossness ahead- for realsies.)


Note to self: Next time, trim BOTH the front and back claws. Dumbass. In case you are wondering/care- I measured the owie and it is 1-1/4" long.

Now you know why my hands look so pretty all the time. Yuk.

Happy Wednesday, my little bowls of finger-flavored ice cream. Happy Wednesday.



boredmando said...

ewwwww. You always say don't look but I never listen ...

T.J. said...

Nice wound. See, I'm totally not the guy that gets grossed out by that kind of thing.

Oh, and I have to say, the new header pic reminds me of Celia Hodes in her 'special girl' phase.


SkylersDad said...

Nice axe murderer action! I love the blood and gore, it's why I dial over here so often. Dial? What the hell is this? My dad's old round TV with the knob? I am such an idiot...

Some Guy said...

I don't see any remorse whatsoever on that kittie's face. She seems very proud of what she did.

Anonymous said...

Bubs is too sexy for his fur and he knows it!! Cute with a capital Q!!
~ Renata1967

Shanster said...

Oh yeah - never never pick up a cat whose pupils are dilated like that... you are lucky your face wasn't permanently disfigured.

I have six cats cuz I'm a crazy cat lady and my face IS permanently disfigured. For the love of all that is holy, DON'T GRAB A CAT WITH DILATED PUPILS!

Imnotbenny said...

I feel your pain- I'm starting school next week full time after five months of blessed do nothingness. I am put out by this.

Your husband is funny.

Your cat is not funny.

Bubs makes out with people.

That about sums it all up, then.

i am playing outside said...

jesus, there was only one warning before having to see that picture? something like that needs an entire post of warning before the offending post.

PS. im a total wuss lol

Stacey said...

I knew those bling bandages would come in handy.

John said...

Bleedin' pirate wenches float me pantaloons! *hint*hint*

...Yo Ho Ho and a bottla Whiskey? ; )

nanners said...

that ice cream photo is great. how clever of him :-)