Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Game of Thrones: The Terlet chronicles

 Back in 1906, shortly before the great lard famine that was the beginning of the 100-year Swine War, a young family saw fit to build a house in St. Paul.  Over the years, this house saw few renovations other than when some bright soul thought to tile the ENTIRE second floor in mint green vinyl/asbestos tiles and when when they installed carpeting (sometime around 1948) that would still be there (smelly and worn through to the floor) in 1999 when we purchased this abode. 

For what seems like 10 years now, we here at VonPartypants headquarters have been toiling on what has been dubbed "Operation Fix This Fucking House"- a full on renovation & redecorating effort that looks to be nearing an end sometime in August...of 2025.

Well, I am ever so proud/embarrassed to say that we have finally finished another room- the very room that was the main reason that we started all this nonsense in the first place:  Crapper #1.

Crapper #1 was truly, truly fugtacular.  Actually, "fugly" isn't really even strong enough for this abomination.  The walls & tile were that color that Crayola used to call "flesh" (what do they call that color now? "White Folk"?), and the trim was the color of poo the day after eating too many beets.  I tried gussying things up over the years, but how horrifying that we lived with THIS grossness for way, way too long:

 (I'd like to say that the light looking like that was a recent thing, but we had the house re-wired over 2 years ago.  So...yeah.)

(You can see I just kind of gave up here.  By now we had a 2nd crapper and I pretty much just ignored Crapper #1)

The beginning of the demo. 


New and improved!  And cute!  I'm not scared to pee in there now!

The shelf is lined in cedar- that was an idea of the Mr's I was skeptical of, but it looks great & smells fantastic. 

The thing on top of the radiator is a padded landing for the kitties- I knew they'd jump up there no matter what, so I decided to make it more comfy for their furry little behinds.

So. Much. Tiling
I'm in deep, deep love with the mosaic on the floor.  If you're ever in the market, Modwalls has REALLY cool tiles (not just mosaics) at really great prices.  Highly recommended.

I thought things were getting a bit too masculine in there, so I bought this print on Etsy.  I call it "Bunny Vagina"

More stuff on the walls.  My Crazy Cat Lady influence stretches far and wide at the VonPartypants Estate. You can't walk two feet in here without running into something pussy-related.  Next week I'll show you my vast collection of cat-themed embroidered sweatshirts.

We really only have one room left in OFTFH:  the kitchen.  

OH, and the back porch.  
And the front porch. 
And the scary basement.
And the guest room. 


Scope said...

The cedar will smell nice until the after "chili night". That will take the new car smell right out of it.

And can I say, I expected to see one of those "Psycho" shower curtains with the Stabby McStabberson silhouette on it?

Cali said...

I totally <3 the new crapper, but can a full-sized adult actually stand in that shower, or sit with legs extended in that tub? Both options look too short.

Regarding the "bunny vagina" art, I couldn't figure out if it was a bunny or a vulva, either-- even before I read what you are calling it! I think that means that you've named it appropriately.

So, the kitchen is next, huh? Take your time. Do A LOT of research. Use butcher paper to lay out the cabinets, appliances and especially the island, if you are going to have one. If you want natural stone counters please look into soapstone. It makes a fantastic counter that requires almost no maintenance and is non-reactive to acids and bases. Plus, it feels like silk. Granite, quartz or marble can't claim those wonderful qualities. Also, it can be made with integrated sinks, drainboards or anything else you dream up. It's so non-reactive and heat resistant they even make cooking vessels and wood stoves out of it. Floor and backsplash tiles, too. Now, I'm not saying that you should wrap your entire kitchen in soapstone, just a selected part or two.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy before and after remodel pictures. You did it all yourself? Wow, that gives me encouragement.

There are about one dozen big projects that need doing around my dad's place, two structural and the rest aesthetic. They'll never get done in his lifetime, of course, because if he experiences any sort of change at all the earth will stop spinning and he and his ancient carpeting and pink bathroom floor tiles will be suddenly thrown out into space. In the meantime, I'll probably drop dead from a rage stroke while trying to vacuum up dog hair out of the thirty-five year old carpet.

John D. said...

It's beautiful, Marcy. : )

Sculptor Dude said...

Bless your sweet and very patient pussy luvin' heart ...

feisty said...

where did you find the tree shower curtain?