Friday, July 8, 2011

Lindsay ain't got nuthin' on my Bubbsy...

Poor Bubs.

Rescued from the hellfires of Missouri (sorry, Gwen!) and shuttled into my Minnesota arms, only to be forever tormented by both his past as well as his disturbingly "enthusiastic" adoptive mother.  I mean, it's bad enough that I make the poor boy wear t-shirts and sweaters and force him to make out with me on occasion (no tongue!):

But now his "checkered" past has come back to haunt my poor little wiener nugget.  Allegedly, some of the seedier tabloids have gotten a hold of some of Bubs' earlier modeling photos, and now that my little pile of furry man-meat has made a name for himself here on the interwebs with his doggy "manscaping" products for sale on QVC (Only $19.99!), as well as with his self-help book, "Bitches ain't nothin' but trouble, yo", people are tripping over themselves trying to drag my little entrepreneur down.

He asked me to post the offending pics, in an effort to diminish their power.  He's already lost a plum supporting role on the upcoming "Law and Order: Doggy Deputies" franchise due to this scandal, and he just wants to put the matter to rest and move on.

So here you are (hopefully Blogger won't take offense to the offensive nature of the photos):

There you go, haters.

But seriously- if Bubs ain't the sexiest canine in a shiny thong, who is?  I for one don't think he has a thing to be embarrassed about, but you know how those uptight Hollywood bitches be, yo.



Dr. Monkey said...

You need to get back to work so you can stop torturing that dog. ;o)

Kez said...

Holy crap! Where the hell do people (ie you) even find those things?! haha.

MommyLisa said...

Ah Bubs...I thought you moved on from all that shizz, yo.

Lovely Light said...

OMG you just made me laugh so hard! I have a small dog (a weenie!) too and they are so fun to dress up. Today we put her in a fluffy coat and she could barely walk. We were cracking up because she could barely lay down because her arms couldn't bend. Thanks for the laughs.

She's wearing a coat because we live in the southern hemisphere and it's the end of winter here. You can check out my blog at

PS- I'm a new follower.