Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whiskey row the erg ashore, hallelujah!

I'm terribly sorry to have left up my birthday post for 47 days. No, I wasn't trying to milk it (OK, maybe a little) for sympathy/gifts/love/butt squeezes, I just got redonkulously busy with work and life in general. Bad news is, I'm still kind o' busy until tomorrow, good news is that after tomorrow I'm off until JUNE FIRST, SUCKAS!!!

God, I love my job. (bows head in shame for gloating. Notices something shiny in the other room, runs off.)

(comes back with a ball of used foil)

Remember when I said I was signing up for a rowing class?

Well, I've been to one already and now the second class is tonight. We spent day 1 learning how not to kill ourselves by trying to breakdance in the boat in the middle of the Mississippi, and then we practiced our mad rowin' skillz on one of these:

They call it an "erg"- I think that's short for "ergotron" or "ergalicious" or something. Alls I know is, the ergotron kicked my ASS. But I loved it- I'm a masochist like that.
I tried starting a round of "Michael row the boat ashore" with the other newbie rowers, but they just smiled politely and stared at the wall in front of us for the remainder of the training. No one made eye contact with me after that.

Tonight we actually go out on the river in a training boat they call the Barge. In my head I'm calling it "Large Marge's Barge"

I'm super excited. If I live through it/don't accidentally kill everyone on the boat, I'll let you know how it was tomorrow.

Oh, and I got some turtly awesome bee-day gifties that I'll tell you about as well. Unless you'd rather I talk about my lady-bits again, whatever.

Happy Turdsday, my little boats filled with love and gummi bears. Happy Turdsday.



SkylersDad said...

Can I be the one that sits in the front of your boat and does all the hollering?

CDP said...

I can't believe no one joined in on "Michael Row the Boat Ashore".